3 Ways to Change How You Talk To Yourself

3 Ways To Change How You Talk To YourSelf

Do you find yourSelf speaking unkindly to yourself or thinking derogatory thoughts about you?

Without making yourSelf wrong, which would be another way to beat yourSelf up, can you notice that you’re being unkind when you think and/or speak poorly of yourSelf?

There is a new way of talking to yourSelf that can start the ball rolling in the right direction.

I refer to “right” direction as the path to feeling better. There is a way to speak right that will feel really good once you get yourSelf immersed in the new habit.

What is the right way to talk to yourSelf?

be kind
It’s kind talk. It’s being nice to yourSelf.

It’s not beating yourSelf up for perceived mistakes.

It’s letting go of self judgment and saying things to yourSelf like:

“You idiot”

“What’s wrong with you”

“Why do you always do this”

“I can’t”

“I’m not good at that”

“I’m just not capable of that…”

These thoughts are hurtful. These thoughts are not necessary.  These thoughts are not true thoughts. They are made up and based on judgments and false believes that you’ve learned and created.

There are things you can do about this. Changing the way you speak is power-filled and will affect how you think and feel. This takes practice.

be compassionate

Notice that I use the term “practice” because this self love thing is a practice. It’s something you put into play everyday in every way. Practice is what you do when you want to get better and better at something.

Here are three things that you can do that will start your practice of change.

1) Notice when you are speaking unkind words or thinking derogatory thoughts about yourSelf.

2)  Acknowledge them. Allow the thoughts to pass without giving anymore attention than you would a passing leaf that blew by in the wind.

3) Replace persistent thoughts with a different better one. For example, you could replace the words “I can’t” with “I choose not to”. Or you could replace “what’s wrong with me?” with “what a great opportunity to learn what I don’t want”.

This new way of talking and thinking takes some practice. If you need help and support on creating a more loving habit and way to speak to your amazing self, consider taking the free 21 Day Video Course, XSL21. Here  you will be reminded how very special you are and begin to take notice of what you can do differently to change the way you speak and treat yourself.

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