Note to Self

Note to self.


Actually it’s note(S) to self.

As I have them all over the place.

I’ve always been one to write things down but previously it was frantic to do lists. Lists that were far too long for any human person to accomplish in one day. Which always let me to the (false) conclusion that I didn’t do enough.


During the past several years, as I have embarked full on, into this self discovery/ self mastery practice, the things I write down are power-filled.


I post notes everywhere to remind me of that power.

My sentences start with I AM…


Because I clear that anything I state and declare to the universe will come to me. When I state with power, conviction and the feeling in my body of having what I am declaring, the Universal Law of Attraction comes into play. It has to…it is a law… and that’s how laws work.

So what are you saying to yourself?

What are you saying about yourself?

What are you saying about your business?

I invite you to consider borrowing some of these until you are comfortable with your own.


I AM…Gorgeous.

I AM…Love.

I AM…Abundant.

I AM…Blessed.

I AM…Healthy.

I AM…Divine.

I AM…Strong.

I AM…Focused.

I AM…Inspiration.

I AM Powerful.

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It’s kind of an amazing experience. You can already begin to feel differently just by reading these words. So go ahead. Get on it. Change your words and take back your power to create what you want for your one amazing self.

Speaking of I Am…

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