2 Simple Things To Do in the Morning That will Make Your Day Magical

2 Simple Things To Do in the Morning That Will Make your Day Magical.

This practice takes presence and perseverance. If you consistently do these 2 things every morning, your day will be magical. You’ll begin to experience life differently because you’ll be seeing things in a different way.

1) Before stepping out of bed, set your intention with a power-filled declaration. For example, if for today you want to be focused, announce and declare, “TODAY, I AM FOCUSED”. And then act that way. You’ll see that by declaring that you ARE focused, you can BE focused and that changes your energy and the choices you make for the day.

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2) After number 1, grab that notebook/journal that you keep by your bedside. With pen in hand, write 3 things that you are grateful for. Acknowledging them by writing them down puts them front and center in your mind.

These 2 self loving acts deserve no excuses. They take  only a few minutes from your 1440 daily minutes. They add into your day so much joy. 

I guarantee that your day will change. And day by day, moment by moment, these small, little brilliant changes add up to an amazing life.

Miracles will begin to happen everyday. You’ll see possibility where you’ve never seen it before. 

I invite you to do this and experience it for yourself.

Please post, comment and let me know how it worked for you.

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Love. Love. Love,


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