Fall in Love One Bite At A Time

Fall in Love One Bite At A Time.

I’m not that proud of the fact that I have used food as a drug. Until I knew better, that is what I did.

I’ll share with you that there was a time I felt so empty, I used food to fill up. So much that it ended in my throwing up. UGH. This was not an especially pretty time in my life.

I stuffed down my feelings so I didn’t have to face the pain. I ate to numb out. I ate to have something to focus on other than looking deep at my life and the things that weren’t working.

I ate as a diversion, so that I could worry about my weight and not about the real issues that were staring me in the face.

((Sigh)) So there you have it.

Have you felt like this?

Have you used food for emotional reasons?

This is not a blog to beat myself up over. So I’ll move on to what I am proud of.  Because the truth is that these past experience have taught me well. 

What I am proud of is that I have discovered a better way to be with my food and nourish myself.

What I am proud of is that I have this opportunity to share it with you.

What I am proud of is that this “practice of self love” works in helping you build the best version of yourself.

Here is what I discovered when taking in mini bites of self love.  These 6 tiny bites take seconds and minutes. They will begin your practice of extreme self love and extraordinary care.

One. 1/2 second. Silence.

It takes one second to shut off your cell phone. Make a daily practice of shutting it off during lunch.  Allowing for complete presence to your food experience without distraction or diversion. Focus on your meal. 

Two. 1 second. Light.

 Light a candle and bring a mindful atmosphere to your dinner. This will slow you down, keep you present and remind you to take extra care and attention into your meal time. Because you are worth it.

Three. 4 minutes. Tea.

Serve some bedtime tea as a nightly ritual. It serves as a reminder to slow down and get ready for sleep. And the relaxing herbs and spices in the Bedtime tea may actually aid in relaxing you to sleep better.

Four. 5 minutes. Meditate.

Set your cell phone timer to 5 and start breathing. Breathe in deep to the count of 3. Hold for the count of 3. Breathe out to the count of 3. 

Five. 10 minutes. Exercise.

Set your cell phone timer to 10. Walk. When the chimes go off, begin your walk back. Without struggle, you’ve just added in 20 minutes of exercise to your day.

Six. 1 day. Stop.

Take the day off for no reason.

Take what feels right for you and your practice. These discoveries are my gift to you.

If you want more ideas to practice for improving your selfLove, join me in a 21 day course on extreme self love. I call this program SL21.

It works. And it’s my gift to you. This is a free program so that for 21 days you can be reminded of who you really are. Give yourself the 90 seconds each day to listen and participate and I guarantee that your life will shift for the better.

Sign up here. 

Oh and one more thing. You may want to make this amazing NAKED carrot cake. YUMMY.  Get the recipe here. 

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