I Wasn’t Fat. I Was Unloved.

I wasn’t fat. I was unloved.

I am sharing my big “Ah-Ha” with you because it’s power-filled information. This missing piece is the key to everything. So here’s the story. 

For most of my adult life starting at 17, I had a “weight” issue. The issue was that I was never comfortable in my body. I was always trying to change it. Losing weight became my full time job and the thing I focused on most of the time.

I would lose 20 and gain 20 back. Just to begin the process all over again. It perpetuated a vicious cycle and kept me up to something. That something was that I néver felt good about myself.

I felt fat most of the time. Hating myself until I got myself thin. But once I got thin, I worked my way back up.

The truth is that I was never fat. I didn’t like my body at any stage of weight. When I look at those pictures now, I fell a bit sad for “that woman” who wasn’t good enough at any weight.

That’s because it wasn’t ever about my weight. It was about my good enough. Nothing was good enough because I felt that I wasn’t good enough.

I wasn’t fat. I was unloved.

I didn’t love myself. I didn’t even like myself.

My weight was not that only thing affected by my lack of self love. My relationships, my attitude and my whole life took a hit.

Which is why I am so very passionate about teaching self love. Because what I learned is too important not to share with you.

When you dive deep into self love, anything and everything is possible for you.

I invite you to enjoy my FREE 21 video course, called SXL21, where I’ll show you in a 90 second video one small thing that you can do differently that will change the way you look at things. These small steps, consistently visited for 21 days, will take you on a journey of self loving practices. My intention is to remind you of how amazing you really are.

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