Workout Your Self Love Muscle

You know what happens when you stop going to the gym. When you stop working on your muscles, they shrink and go away.

The second you stop paying attention to your physical body and supporting it with the movement it needs to be strong, it gives you signs to call you back.

These signs could be in the form of aches, pains, or your clothes not fitting. Inevitably something will jar you to say “HOLY Crap, I feel like crap”.

You’d never think to look at your spouse or friend and say “I need you to make me feel like I have good posture, great bone density, strong muscles. You know that to get these things, you personally have to do the work.

Point made.

You also know this.

That you are never there. You can’t say, “I’m done exercising this body”. I’ve done it long enough. Nope. It is a practice and a process. There is no stopping.

Look at Jack LaLane. He said “Getting out of shape is like a thief in the night that sneaks up on you. I always tell people that it is never too late.” He exemplified the epitome of health and wellness with a body that served him well into his 90’s.

Let’s move on to the self love muscle.

How does one exercise that one?

Think of self love as a muscle that can grow with training and attention.

If you don’t pay attention, this muscle is brutal.

It’ll do all kinds of things to get you to listen.

The easiest of which is a simple feeling of blah. But there are many levels of pain that it will cause you. And it doesn’t discriminate on the area. It can affect your relationships, your career, your body.  A weak self love muscle can make it where nothing you search for outside of yourself will make you feel better.

Unless and until you pay some attention to this self love muscle, you’ll stay in some form of self inflicted pain.

Be grateful for the warning it gives you. And get started now being different.

Your self love muscle is doing it’s job by calling your attention to the matter. Asking for you come on back and keep building it.

And no, dear Gorgeous One, you can’t ever stop. You won’t ever get there.

You keep being with it. And just like the gym, it gets easier to show up, because the results are worth it.

You’ll feel happier. You’ll feel joyful, loving, peaceful, grateful. Powerful.

Just like your physical muscles and stature, no one outside yourself can do it for you. No one outside yourself can give you selflove.

It’s yourSelf that gets to do that. You have all the power you need already inside you. You have the power to be self loving.

Need some help?

Take the free 21 day course of extreme self love, XSL21. You’ll learn practices and ideas for a consistent 21 days to change the way you think and feel. And from that new place of love, anything and everything is possible for you.



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