Seven Simple Steps for Springing on Self Care

It’s time to Spring on some self care!

Let’s be real. Winter can knock your socks off and throw off even the most well intentioned plans of maintaining any form of self-care.  Yes, this is really us… Roc and I … in our favorite winter position.

I’m just not a fan of the cold. I find myself asking winter after winter, why am I living in the north east.

Even if you are somewhat fond of the crisp cool air, your thigh high leather boots, and pretty falling snowflakes as they brush past your window, things feel more difficult on colder, darker, wintery days.

So it’s been a few months now tending towards cozying indoors, cuddling up with less activity, a little (and a lot) more snacking, and skimping on the self-care. You could be experiencing  dry skin, chapped lips, pounds up and mood down.

By the end of February, I’ll admit, I’m a cranky house potato.

So what are you going to do to add in some much needed self caring?

Open up the windows and let the light in. Start adding back those self-caring rituals that slowed down during the winter months.

Here are 7 simple and easily implementable steps to shake the winter from your bones and welcome spring with your best foot forward. I’ve even added in a *super easy* option where available. You’ll be left with no excuses for why you can’t pull your self-care off the couch and spring them into practice.

1. Drink a celery juice daily for a week (or longer) – Make your own celery juice by adding 5 stalks of celery and 1/2 fresh lemon into your juicer. A decent juicer (like the Breville) costs as low as $120. If investing in a juicer is not ideal, visit your local health food store, or a Whole Foods and have them make one for you. Studies show that celery juice can reduce inflammation and boost cardiovascular health. The perfect antidote for rebooting out of flu season. Celery is also easy to juice, inexpensive to buy, and the stalks have a great shelf-life in your fridge so you can stock up.

Finally the *super easy* option: drive to Trader Joe’s and stock up for the week on their already bottled cold pressed green juice (with super fabulous clean ingredients of kale, spinach, apple, cuke, celery, lemon and ginger) for only $3.99.

2. Get outside daily – Dress weather appropriately and get your butt outside. You can find 15 minutes to move your body. One strategy I have used is to set my phone timer for 8 minutes and walk. Once the timer goes off, I turn around and try to make it back in 7 min!  Shaving a minute off is a fun way to hold me accountable for a “brisk” walk. Check out the trees and breathe deeply. Take some inspiration from Albert Einstein who said, “Look deeply into nature and you will understand everything better.” If you’re doubting that 15 minutes could matter, scientific research suggests that even a small amount of exercise – like that 15 minutes a day – could lower your risk of depression.

3. Breathe lavender nightly – Helping you relax and fall into a restful sleep, lavender has been found to help increase slow wave sleep, slowing heartbeat and relaxing muscles. It’s soothing and calming properties reduce stress making it’s use a perfect bed time enhancer. Simply add 5 drops of lavender to a diffuser and turn it on when you get into bed.

I am an essential oil girl- I love the stuff. The difference on the nights I use my lavender and the nights I don’t, is a difference in a good nights sleep. The stuff feels magical.

The *super easy* option: put 2 drops of lavender into your hand, rub your hands together, cup your hands around your nose and inhale. (be sure to use a top grade essential oil)

4. Put your feet first (at least) twice a month – Reflexology, pedicures…ahhh!!! Book the appointments. The *super easy* option: do it yourself by taking a small pail or tub filled 1/2 way with warm water. Adding in 1/2 cup epson salt, 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar, 3 drops of frankincense or lavender essential oil and your feet and you’ve got a luscious treat!

5. Close your kitchen by 7 pm on weekdays – Closing down the kitchen at 7 pm is simple and super effective way to reduce unnecessary caloric intake. The after dinner snacking and picking adds up, potential an upwards of 200-500 extra calories a day. Snacking can become ever more mindless when we are distracted by the latest Netflix saga. If you stop the mindless evening snacking, you’ll be shocked at how those uncomfortable pounds fall away. Your body will also appreciate not having to work overtime to digest food while it’s shutting down for the nite.

6. Say grace before every meal daily – Regardless of your practicing faith, we can all agree that two or three words silent words of gratitude or a heartfelt prayer prior to eating can help improve your mental space. This serves as a daily reminder of how blessed you are to have food to eat as well as a loving send off to the food you take into your body. And it slows you down… a little reminder for more mindfully and lovingly feeding your body.

7. Take fifteen minutes of “You time” daily – “You time” can look different to everyone. It can look like drawing, doodling, listening to your favorite music, reading a book, or even just sitting in silence. You choose! However, do something that has no obligation to work or family — just for you. Give yourself the space to just be free.

So easy! I know you can commit to incorporating some or all of these things on a consistent basis. You will feel amazingly better bringing your new habits into the new season. Use this as a reminder that with most of the winter in our rearview, it’s a great time to reinvest in practices of self-care.

I’d love to hear what worked for you and what rituals you’ll be springing on! Please comment below.

Much love being sent your way,

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