Soul Growth Lessons

Soul growth lessons don’t always come in boxes. This time though, my soul lesson came with a truck full of them.

For the past 2 years, 80% of my material belongings lived in a storage unit.

Due to a certain circumstances beyond my control, (the details aren’t the important part of the story, so I’ll keep it short for the sake of your time) I was forced to move from my apartment. It was a quick and unexpected exit so storage seemed the best option for this transition time.  Only a few items remained with me.

I spent months crying over not having my stuff. Always seeming to be needing the thing that I couldn’t get to.

It took time to process what happened and make decisions on what I wanted for my life. Two years to be exact!  In those 2 years, I got to feel what it felt like to be without my “beloved stuff”.

The good news is that I survived.

The other good news is that I learned huge lessons along the way as part of the bigger plan. Patience, compassion, forgiveness were on top of that list. Shockingly, me the woman with hundreds of shoes, realized that I don’t “stuff” to be happy.

This week, I consciously chose to reunite with my belongs and take them out to be with me.

While it felt like a fun shopping spree to peak in the boxes at what I hadn’t seen in 2 years, my state of happiness didn’t change.

When large events happen in our life, there in that moment we get to learn more about ourselves. The move out 2 years ago was very traumatic for me. I’ve moved many times in my life and most of them not for happy reasons. I could have allowed this move to shift my consciousness back to the trauma of why I moved.

But this time was different. I chose to break that old pattern and to do it differently.

This was a great move. It was great because I chose to make it that way. I chose to make it a fun adventure and not attach meaning to any of it.

How cool that we get to do that! With the gift of free will, we always have the opportunity to choose differently. That’s what I call freedom.

The challenges you currently face may feel hard right now. If you dig a little deeper and allow the lesson to come to the surface, you’ll understand that all was divinely guided.

You’ll realize that lessons come for your soul’s growth. That self reflection enhances your spiritual growth and well being.

I am so grateful for all of it, for the rediscovery of my books and shoes and clothes that I had forgotten about. But mostly for the profound lesson that happiness resides inside of me; not in any material object that I have or don’t have in my possession.

Has there been a challenging time in your life, where you realized the lesson was your biggest gift?

I hope there was something here for you.  Share and comment below.

Psst… remember, your only job is to light up the world with your brilliance. Get on it!

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  1. Almost a year ago to the day, I watched as movers came for the boxes and items I had selected from my home if 15 years, to take them to a storage unit. Before my ex had returned home from a trip with a new love, I had closed the door to a house I still owned, packed up 2 dogs and an elderly cat, and moved with a few suitcases to a friend’s house.

    The lessons I learned were similar: patience (if anyone had told me I’d not be on my own for a year I’d never had believed them), trust in the universe, letting go of my attachment to my ‘stuff’ that I couldn’t get to if I’d tried, but most of all, gratitude for the gift of the present: a deeper friendship that never would have happened had I not been welcome into her family, a sense of abundance for all the blessings in my life, especially the lessons I was learning through the process, and thankfulness that I did the brave thing…not just a year ago when I left, but every day I refused to see my circumstances as anything other than the Universe guiding me towards a deeper and more loving relationship with myself.

    I’ve since been reunited with my stuff, and while it’s been fun to see it again, it was also a bit anticlimactic. It is, after all, just stuff I like, and it pales in value to living a life I love.