Card Deck Creator Interview Series: Note In My Pocket


She’s the first official published Card Deck Creator from my Card Deck Creation Course.   She’s out there selling her decks, leveraging her message and changing lives.

Carri knew she wanted to share the ideas that helped her at at time when her life was falling apart. She took the ideas that helped her and created a card deck she calls, “Note In My Pocket”  that now helps others.

Enjoy my interview with Carri as she shares about her deck, the creation process, and what’s she’s doing with her cards now.

Carri explains how her card deck is perfect for you (ps- your life doesn’t need to be falling apart to use them).  The cards are perfect for any one, every day, and serve as a remember of how magical life really is.  Her cards offer you that one small thing that can pull you back to the present.

Carri pulled a card for us during her interview.  As you’ll see, it was the perfect card for this day. We were talking about the exact subject prior to her shuffling and randomly selecting this card.  Take a closer read at the card she pulled and see what meaning it has for you.

Her magical deck is available on her website,  Note In My Pocket.

You can learn more about her beautiful story that lead her to the note in her pocket, this deck of cards and other gifts she’s out sharing with the world at

If you dream of creating your very own card deck with your very own message,  you can enroll in the Card Deck Creation Course. Everything you need to create a beautiful valuable physical product is waiting there for you – from brainstorming the idea to content creation, to printing, to packaging, to what to do with it once you have it in your hands!

Be sure to visit us on Instagram@queenofcarddecks to see all the new decks being created.

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