A Brand New Perspective

Every moment of every day is a opportunity to make a new and different choice.

If where you are isn't feeling so good right now, you have within you, the power to change that right now. 

Imagine that for a moment !

This is incredibly wonderful news, especially when you're in the midst of struggle, angst, challenge. If you knew that you could "snap" out of it, at any point you choose, it certainly would lighten up the challenging part. Wouldn't it? 

Hold on a sec. I hear you may be saying "Rosie, you're making light of my difficult moments. It's not that easy to snap out of it".

Just for a moment , humor me.  What if it were actually that easy? What if you could change your perception on a situation and watch the situation change right before your eyes?  These type of perception corrections feel like miracles.  And they are. And they are possible. At every moment of every day. (btw, miracles aren't always big grandiose events, they happen anytime you see things from a more enlightened view point. They are natural parts of life and they happen everyday. Be open to them and you'll be amazed at how often they swirl around you)

We are programmed to believe that change has to be hard. We are programmed to believe that struggle and challenge is how it's supposed to be. These thoughts of struggle and challenge are not conscious. They are deeply embedded in our subconscious from past and prior experiences. We pull all of our thoughts from our past experiences.  Our thoughts are based on what we previously experienced and learned from school, TV, parents, friends, government.  We don't consciously recognize that we're having thoughts that are based on our past, but it's true.  Everything you see is translated and measured by what you've experienced prior to now. 

Let's look at an example. We've all heard that "artists are starving".  You've placed that somewhere in your subconscious and there it sits in your "operating system" just waiting for that moment to remind you of your rule. You may have used that belief on yourself - talking yourself out of pursuing a creative endeavor and you may have even used it on others, to convince your child or your a friend that they need to find a secure position instead of a creative one. The thinking behind this is your belief that it could potentially, according to your old belief system, make them starve. Deep down you’re trying to protect yourself from “starving”.  The truth is holding back a God given talent and your creativity is seriously painful as it depletes your heart and starves your soul. 

I know. Ugh!  Because it's not really true that artists starve now, is it?  Think Walt Disney, Grandma Moses, Sylvester Stallone. They kept going when the going was tough, when they were rejected and told they should move on to something else. 

Now imagine if these creative souls had decided to give up on their dreams because of the possibility that they might starve because of it. What if they all went and go themselves a “secure” position somewhere. OMG... the world would miss out on the beauty and talent and gifts that were meant to be shared and that bring all of us joy! 

Miracles happen everyday and anything is possible.

Imagine that for yourself. Write it down and tape it on your refrigerator.

Imagine if you could develop a new way of thinking that included not being stuck in your old limiting beliefs and patterns.

When you change the way you think, your life will dramatically change for the better. If you like this idea, it is going to involve your participation and some self reflective work. But trust me on this one, the effort you put in to enhance and grow yourself will bring peace and joy to your daily life. 

Here are 3 principles you can begin to practice right now.

You will be amazed at how differently you will feel, almost immediately. Eventually you'll become so good at it, you won't even recognize that your doing anything at all. You'll just begin to feel more peaceful and joy filled. 

1) Recognize that everything you think, was learned from someone or something. Remind yourself of this whenever you have a thought. Ask yourself, is what I'm thinking really true or is there another way to look at it?

2) Understand that what others say has nothing to do with you. They are basing their thoughts and opinions on their learned programming and operating system. So don't mix their crap with your crap and expect to get anything good out of it. Knowing this will help you take other people's opinions with with a grain of salt. Remember that "others peoples opinions are not of your business". Plant that new rule and begin to mind your own business.

3) Change your perspective. When you're thinking thoughts that don't feel good, when you're thinking thoughts that make you shrink, contract, feel tight, ask yourself if there is another way to look at it?  What is the other view point that I can't see right now? Here's where you can add in a little prayer, as simple as saying, "God, help me to see this situation as you would see it?"  Wherever you are standing, look around, physically move your location to the opposite side of the room, and look around. You're in the same room but things look different.  Add that to your arsenal of proof that a few small steps can make a big difference. 

Give these ideas a whirl. Take these inspirations for a ride.

Tap into your tenacity. Sprinkle on some grace. 

You will find yourself in the most amazing place and better able to handle all the stuff that life throws at you from a more stable, centered, aligned place. 

PS. If you're ready for change, ready to view situations, circumstances and events from a different perspective, New Beginnings is the perfect place to start. In this LIVE mini workshop, (offered only once a year in January) we'll take a good look at where you are and where you want to be. Together in this class, you'll let go of the old, be grateful for now and welcome in the new. Of course there's much juicy stuff you'll learn. I can't tell you all of it here 🙂 

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