Card Deck Creator Interview Series : Weekly Video Prompts & Ideas


Lou is an Online Video Pro as his card deck proudly states. 

He created a 52-card deck titled “Weekly Video Prompts & Ideas” so you could have useful tools for creating impact, influence and income from your videos.  Lou takes a hard stand that – Video is a Must For Marketing !

I’d listen to Lou.

After all, Lou is Italian (I’m allowed to make reference, since I’m Italian too), he has a tough pug named Rocco, and a book titled “F**k You, Pay Me.  Just kidding but he really does have that dog and that book.

Enjoy my interview with Lou as he shares about his deck, the creation process, how these cards can help you and what he plans to do with the cards. 

Lou pulled a card for us during his interview so check that one out. And I’ve selected this one… because I love my happy place. 

Go ahead, make Lou’s day and put a card prompt to good use. 

You can purchase your very own box of Video Content Cards and get your video presence rockin’!  There’s another way to practice your video skills with Lou’s 30 day challenge called VADA (Video A Day in April).  I participated last year and found the accountability key to my showing up daily.  Lou gives great tips and with technology changing so rapidly, it’s really useful to see what’s new and good out there. 

Get Lou’s cards here

You can learn more about Lou and how he helps people make videos that rock, and of course you’ll meet Rocco, his side kick’in pug.  Check him at

Lou worked with me, in my Done-With-You services to create his card deck.  If you’re like Lou and prefer personal attention, I can Do-It-With-You or I can Do-It-For-You!  Email me at [email protected] and we can talk about what’s best for you…  

If you’re one of those self starters and want to do it yourself, that’s available in the Card Deck Creation Course. Everything you need to create a beautiful valuable physical product is waiting there for you – from brainstorming the idea to content creation, to printing, to packaging, to what to do with it once you have it in your hands!

P.S.- Be sure to visit us on Instagram@queenofcarddecks to see all the new decks being created! So fun! 

P.P.S. – Oh and if you’re not sure what kind of cards will work for your business, check out this little video I made for you  to inspire your creativity.  

Call me,  let's talk about your card deck! 

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