Card Deck Creator Interview Series: Chakra, Numerology, Cosmic Energy



Can you imagine that her sister took these beautiful photos of the moon? 

Joanne dreamed of having a deck. She held the vision in her head and heart.

She had no idea how to do it or where to find someone to do it, and somehow we met at the perfect time. 

As an intuitive healer and educator, she transforms lives thru movement, nutrition, meditation and energy. 

Joanne is out in the world sharing her cards. If you’re looking to find out what your numbers mean or how the moon energy will affect your decision, you can find her on Facebook. On Friday nights at 7pm,  you will find her pulling cards and engaging with her audience in her Friday Nite Intuition Card Reveal. 

Do you dream of creating your very own card deck with your very own message?  It’s possible when you enroll in the Card Deck Creation Course. Everything you need to create a beautiful and valuable physical product is waiting for you – from brainstorming the idea to content creation, to printing, to packaging, to what to do with it once you have it in your hands!  

And if like Joanne, you’re just ready to get it done, I can do it for you in my DONE FOR YOU CREATIVE SERVICES. Let’s chat about that and how to make it happen! 

Be sure to visit us on Instagram@queenofcarddecks to see all the new decks being created in the Course!

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