25 Card Deck Ideas for the Spiritual Entrepreneur

If spirituality is your gig, having a card deck can up your game. 

Getting your message into the hands of your client in the form of physical product is top priority. It gives your peeps a part of you to hold on to and refer to. Card Decks are simple and easy to use, both for you and for your client. 

Here are 25 ideas to spark your creative flow. Once you pick a topic that resonates with you, brainstorm around the content that you want your audience to experience. Then brand it to yourself !

Mindset Shifters, Self-Love Matters, Healing from Within, Weekly Tips for Being Grounded, Random Acts of Kindness, Sweet Affirmations, Self-Care Principles, Quotes that Move You, Mini Meditations, Powerful Affirmations, Mindfullness, Tips for Meditation, Self-Reflective Journal Prompts, The Inner Game, Ways to Show Gratitude, Quotes that Inspire, Personal Growth Questions, Daily Journal Prompts, Gratitude Prayers, Love Stories, Heart-Centered Affirmations, Daily Reminders for Self-Love, Divine Guidance, Intuitive Readings, Chakra Balancing

Let's look at Mindset Shifters as an example. If you are a change agent or transformational coach and your mission is to instill a new mindset into your client, this is a huge topic.  Here are 2 ideas you can run with to make your set of Mindset Shifter cards. 

No. 1
Create 52 quotes that prompt the reader to think differently about something. If you don't already have your own quotes handy, scan your content for things you say often. Turn those snippets into bit size jewels / your personal quotes. 

No. 2
Create 30 power questions that will encourage your audience to examine what they want. The question gives them the opportunity to dig in deeper for their answer. 

Getting clear on your concept is the first part of the process. 

If you're now dreaming of having your own personal deck, I've got a kick ass self study course for you.  

Check out my interview with Carri Adcock. She came into the Card Deck Creation Course and in less than 2 months had her deck in her hand. She talks about the course, the process, how it feels to have her deck and what she plans to do with them. 

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