Card Deck Creator Interview Series: Bedtime Love


Brook holds the title of “Bedtime Artist” and passionately helps people create healthier sleep habits and hygiene. 

Her “Bedtime Love ” Card Deck is a fun and effective way to help our little ones fall asleep with love as well as learning life long healthy sleep habits and hygiene.  Brook considers these habits to be the first best habit, the foundation of all other habits.  

I couldn’t agree more! 

During our interview Brook shares some of the reasons she is passionate about this topic, why she wanted a card deck to add to her Sleepytime product collection, her journey thru the creation process, and how she is using her card deck. 

Brook chose to share a few special cards and their meaning with us during the interview.  She read us this wonderful little poem which prompts us to ask wonder filled questions of our kidlets.

How freakin’ adorable are these Bedtime Lovelies? You can pick up your own card deck at Brook’s Sleepytime Club
==> Get your deck here

I just love her beautiful little graphics and how she teaches sign language using her cards. 

Do you dream of creating your very own card deck with your very own message?  It’s possible when you enroll in the Card Deck Creation Course. Everything you need to create a beautiful and valuable physical product is waiting for you – from brainstorming the idea to content creation, to printing, to packaging, to what to do with it once you have it in your hands!  

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