Great Card Deck Ideas for Coaches

As I write this today, I’ve had the honor of helping so many creative business owners come up with an idea for a card deck. Do you know how freaking exciting it is to see these decks come to life?

You can see a few of my most recent graduates with their card decks here:

As I chat with friends and clients about having their own card deck, the first stumbling block they bump up against is the IDEA.

I always say,

“Ohhhhhh, the IDEA is the easiest part!”


“You’ve already got this content!”


“Deep down you know what to do!”

If you’re like them, you’d love to have a card deck of your own, but you’re feeling stuck in your head about what your deck would be about and how it would be used.

Most students have one of 2 things swirling in their head.

They either have so many ideas, they can’t seem to focus in on what the best one would be or, they’re aren’t sure they have a good idea at all. 

Or … could be anywhere in between those two scenarios. They’ll say, “what if my idea is not good enough?” to “what’s the thing that would work best on my card deck?” 

Have no fear dear friend, I have got you covered.

Let’s look at my 3 Idea Sparkers that are sure to get your creative juices bubbling. 

Idea Sparker #1: What topics do you cover with a new client?

Every coach has an on-boarding process and there are certain questions you ask everyone you work with.  There are tidbits of info that you want them to know immediately. 

Idea Sparker #2: What are you so fired up about talking about that you’re talking about it without really thinking? 

Every coach has those things that make them different. Those things that are said by you in only the way that you can say it. 

Idea Sparker #3: What is that thing that you teach or preach that your clients say, OMG! That was so helpful. 

Every coach has those things that are unique to them and the way they talk and teach. The things that your clients are always so grateful to you for. 

You may be already lit up by these sparkers. You’ve got something percolating inside.  I’ve got something wonderful ready for you right now to really get you hot and ready. 

Need inspiration? 

I’m got something cool for you to inspire your creativity for Card Deck ideas.  Get your printable PDF with Over 250 Ideas For A Card Deck.  (I was challenged to make a list of 50, and the ideas just kept coming!)

You’re very welcome! 

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