Card Deck Creator Interview Series: Stretch Yourself


As a Business Coach, Content Creator, Community Builder and a “Beachie” , Kelly is all about Stretching Yourself.  With her Card Deck she invites you to do the same.

“Pick a card, lean in and ask what you want to do about it. There’s always a next stretch for you and your business!” 

I might mention that Kelly offers a Stretch Yourself Challenge, that goes live in September and remains a self study for the rest of year. I participated live last year, and Holy Wow!  Girl was this a stretch!  Stretching is one of those things, that could be painful while your going thru, but at the end you feel magnificent. 

I’m so happy I pushed myself beyond what I would have if I had not been challenged. So much good stuff came from the experience as I describe here if you want the cool deets. 


One of the things I love most about this desk is her doodle on the front of the card. That’s because it’s a Kelly’s thing.  It’s always a benefit to include your “thing” with your card deck. You can catch Kelly doodling in all kinds of places, on Facebook Live, in her zoom room. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to receive one by slow mail. With this deck, you can have her doodle in your hands. 52 times along with the delicious content she shares on the other side.  


Kelly’s Favorite Question

This one question can change your life. Kelly loves to ask it. It seems to work in any situation you find yourself stuck in. It has a way of pulling you out and pointing you in another direction. Give it a try. I’m sure she’d love to know that it makes a difference in your life. 



Do you love cards and dream of having your very own deck?  You can do it and I will teach you how. 

Everything you need to create a beautiful and valuable physical product is waiting for you – from brainstorming the idea to content creation, to printing, to packaging, to what to do with it once you have it in your hands!  Enroll in the Card Deck Creation Course and let’s get your deck out there into the world!  

The “Beachie” Part

I met Kelly at the Beach.  At Beach Camp.  That’s where I discovered that she was all about helping people show up as their best. She is the one that encouraged me (okay she dared me) to create this Card Deck Creation Course.  This Beach thing that she does, is super special. You might just want to check it out and see for yourself.  


If you’re a coach and you’re not sure you have a good idea. Or if you have too many ideas, I’ve got ways for you to zero in on your super fantastic idea.

Be sure to visit us on Instagram@queenofcarddecks to see all the new decks being created!

P.S. Be inspired by your fellow Card Deck Creators and check out their success stories and gorgeous card decks.

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