The Self Love Question You Must Ask Yourself Daily

It often takes a crisis of the craziest kind to wake us up. Have you ever had the experience of a 2 x4 smashing into your head or feel like you’ve hit rock bottom and then smash your head on the rock?

You get the picture.  It ain’t pretty. 

I personally had somewhat of a thick head and chose to learn lessons the hard way. Until I had my world crumble under me, I did’t see the signs. 

I’m talking about the SELF LOVE sign. Also called the wake up and love yourself message… 

The sign leads to love

If you miss the signs all hell breaks loose. 

You might say this is what hell on earth looks like. Lack of self love creates a messiness for you and for everyone in your life. When you’re not loving yourself, how could you expect anyone else to love you? Your deficiency in the self love department attracts to you those persons that will mirror back what you think of yourself.

You choose those people that will say out loud to you the hurtful things things you actually think and say about yourself. It continues with the blame game because of course it’s everyone else’s fault. When you blame everyone else, you make yourself the victim. Victims have no power….  

Not pretty. Not attractive. Not healthy.  And it feels bad. 

You don’t have to live there. 

The good news is that you can change all that. You can learn to love yourself no matter where you are, where you’ve been, what you’ve walked thru or how many 2 x 4’s have hit you in the head. 

Mastering the Art of Self Love

I had a very open deep conversation with Tisha Lee from Shining Self. It came clear to me that although we struggled with different things, we both struggled, and we both came to the realization that it was that lack of self love, the feeling less than, feeling broken, feeling disconnected that drew her to drinking and drew me to an eating disorder and both of us to poor relationship choices. 

In this podcast, I share more about my story and my switch from “not enough” to  “perfect love”.  You’ll learn what was going on and how I pulled myself out of that state and began to fall in love with myself one day at a time.  And I still continue to do that. I call self love an art and a practice. It must be practiced everyday. And it can be artfully crafted in different ways for different people depending on the day or situation.

It comes down to healthy boundaries, personal responsibility and what we are willing to accept for ourselves. How much love will we allow ourselves to receive?

One of the things I do consistently is ask myself this questions:

Is this the most loving thing I can do right now?

It’s seriously one of the best  tools for accessing any situation you find yourself in.  It’s perfect for tapping into your in own intuition, your inner guidance, your higher self, your god-self. 

Take a listen here for the rest of the conversation between Tisha and I.

Your Shining Self Podcast: Master the Art of Self-Love

Listen in as Tisha and I share our stories. 

Today, I sit here with gratitude for the messy stuff .  Those things in my life led me to discover my love of self and to understand that my lack of it was the reason for the poor choices that I made along the way. Self love is the foundation. 

When you love yourself, the game changes.

Self love is an action, a constant continuing evolving state. It’s a feeling. 

Self love is a way you show up. Everyday in every way, self love must be present if you want to be the woman that God intended you to be.  We are not here to play small and scared. We are not here to operate from lack or not enoughness or brokenness.  That’s a bunch of B.S.

How cool is it that all you need is already inside you. Once you discover that, there is nothing to search for or fix.  

My gift to you 

Free self love you-tensils

I’ve got something for you.  It’s a self love letter (template) and let me tell you, if you’re just beginning, this can be a difficult thing to fill out. I remember not being able to thing of nice thing to say about myself. How sad! The person that asked me to tell him something I loved about myself, was a personal trainer, and I had no answer. 
I began from that day, taking it step by step, piece by piece until I could recite one thing and then 2 and then more and more… until I completely turned myself around.
These tools are my gift to you, a self love letter and a self love meditation meditation to turn things around for yourself. 

If you’re ready to learn more and take a deeper dive,  come on in and Build Your Self Love Muscle with me.  


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