Card Deck Creator Interview Series: Creative Thinking


As an award-winning author and teacher, Charles Fischer created these cards to help change the way you see everything. 

This gorgeous deck of 50 cards will provide hours of inspiration for individual and classroom activities.  Charles’ 20 plus years in the classroom sent him on a search for techniques that promoted quality writing. 

These cars are so interesting to look at, I was personally inspired to sit and write! 

The cards included a central image to stir you imagination, a provocative quote to promote thinking. There are two icons and a single word for prompting randomness…” 


The cards come with an instruction booklet that explains the many ways to make the most of this wonderful tool. Charles intends for his Creative Thinking Cards to provide hours of inspiration and classroom activities. 


Charles has a bunch of books to help in the classroom as well. Go ahead and check him. 



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