Card Deck Creator Interview Series: Inspired Beauty

Meet Pat Fiorello.

She went from Corporate VP to Fine Artist after a realization that beauty can restore and up lift you from the everyday challenges of life. She came to see that her purpose in life was to create beauty, love and inspiration and to spread that message. 

It’s not surprising that the Latin translation of her name “Fiorello”  means, “one who lives by a wall of flowers” . Flowers are her thing and she is a master at capturing their beauty on canvas.  As an award winning fine artist, instructor and author, she is the proud creator of this gorgeous 48-card deck featuring her original oil paintings.

I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful this deck is!   I love that she is giving us the opportunity to bring her beautiful work into our homes in an affordable and easy way with her Card Deck. 

This Card Deck is so gorgeous! 

Pat suggests you soak in the beauty of the flowers on the front side of the card, and reflect on the words and daily affirmation on the back side of the card.  As you shuffle and pull a card for each day, you’ll be amazed that the one you choose will be the perfect message for the moment. 

Your life is a masterpiece that you get to create! 

Everyday you can be inspired by beauty, love and inspiration with messages like this.  
Pat Fiorello’s passion is obvious in her stunning art work. Besides her gorgeous floral painting, she gives us a something to think about on the back side of the card. 

Be Passionate

What lights you up and energizes you? What do you love to be totally immersed in? What could you do for hours on end? Passion ignites the fire in us to create, to move forward, to be fully alive.  

Today I will make time to do something I am totally passionate about! It’s a gift I give myself.

This is one of my favorite cards! I love how I can place my cards on this little wooden easel and enjoy them all day long on my table or my desk. 

Here’s where you can connect further with Pat and her work:

Instagram  @patfiorello

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