Card Deck Creator Interview Series: Spark

Meet Melissa Brown.

She’s Got Content.

She’s got Sparks of ideas.

And oohlala, she’s got a cool card deck for you too! 

Melissa is my dear friend so I know a secret about her. She’s always got a glorious idea.  Don’t tell her I told you but she gets these ideas in the shower.  Apparently a lot of people have this “issue” because they actually make waterproof pens and pads for this very thing.  

As you’ll discover in the above interview, Melissa is the person who came up with my name “Queen of Card Decks”.  That’s why I am so excited about her very catchy, bright and brilliant deck of cards, where she takes you on a creative journey, sparking waves of genius so you can create content for your business. 

Melissa’s mission… involves you, if you choose to accept it.  She helps solo entrepreneurs and small business owners overcome the overwhelm when it comes to content creation.  These Spark Cards prompt you to create great content.

Imagine pulling one per day and taking action.  Some of her prompts look like this:

Write about the Imposter Syndrome! No one is immune to this condition.

Make a list of the top books you would recommend for your readers. 

Review your favorite tool, gizmo or appliance you use every day. 

Write about your most embarrassing moment. 


Melissa has many ways to connect and help you with your content. 

1) This will spark you up! She’s got monthly group coaching, accountability, mindset and implementation tips to get your content done and grow your business.  Check it out here. 

2) Get Access to “She’s Got Content’ Virtual Summit that includes 10 expert speakers. These experts are sharing systems, strategies and solutions so you can get your content done! (I’m one of them….:-))

3) Pick up your Deck of these bright and brilliant Spark Cards here. 

Remember, your only job in this world is to shine your light.  Let your sparks fly and get on it, 

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