Card Deck Creator Interview Series: Hello Beautiful

Meet Pat Bumpass.

Pat’s on a mission to share the love. From the moment I met her as a student in my Card Deck Creation Course, I knew she was up to good stuff!  With her elegant and quiet way of sharing, she had me at Hello Beautiful.  

She wants us to awaken the little girl within us.  She tells us that “somewhere along the way to adulthood, we allowed life to stop us in our tracks or cause us to make a u-turn away from our dreams.”


“As women, we can find within ourselves the ability to RISE up against past hurts and pains.”  Pat was called to create this card deck for women who have forgotten how they were as little girls. 

These cards are the prettiest purple color I’ve ever seen!  I’ve pulled this “I am Beautiful” card, inviting you to take a good long look at yourself in a full-length mirror and declare ” I AM BEAUTIFUL”.  Then you can move on to your journal and write “I am beautiful” 25 times. 



Patricia wants you to know that nothing about you needs to change, unless you sincerely want to.  Always be sure you are making whatever change for your own reasons. 

Connect further with Pat and her work here. 

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