Card Deck Creator Interview Series: Juicy Jaquar

Meet Sinda Woods.

She’s here to help you turn your Urban Leopard into a Juicy Jaguar.

Sinda teaches us that everyone has an Inner Jaguar and an Urban Leopard who stands in her way of true balance.  You do not need to wait until you can meditate, go on a retreat or vacation to shift to your great big heart. 

You don’t even have to close your eyes. Just breathe in space and allow yourself to feel her wander into her lair inside your heart space. Allow her to take place in your life. 

This deck comes with a sweet journal that you carry with you in your purse and capture your thoughts. Sinda says it only takes a second to stop and change your state of heartfullness.  This Card Deck/ Journal Combo will help you get into the habit of shifting to your Juicy Jaguar and release more rawr energy into your system. 

You can feel the magic jump off of these cards. 

Jaguar is emotionally flexible and adaptive, She doesn’t hold onto the past. She looks for ways she feels she belongs to her tribe. She raises her vibe to find her tribe.  

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