The Magic of Card Decks

These card decks are as unique as their creators, filled with love, joy and inspiration on a variety of topics that will educate, empower and encourage you to learn, change and grow.

These creators have taken their golden nuggets of genius, narrowed it down to digestible bites and built a tool that serves their audience and grows their business.

Not only are their card decks gorgeous and inspiring, they've shared their stories as I interviewed them. You'll hear all what inspired them, what they learned during their creation process and what they're up to now.

Everyone one of them has a gift to share with the world and I'm so excited to share them with you !! 

Patricia Witherspoon Dyer 
Moments to Harmony- a 30-card deck - Use these cards for daily affirmations and enrich your life through the power of God's word.

Kimberly Wilkish 
Becoming & Being a Leader- a 52-card deck - Tap into your inner wisdom and evoke the leader within you. Includes a Guidebook. 

Charlotte Seefeldt
Moments to Harmony- a 48-card deck - Make space for new in your life, release objects & thoughts that do not serve who you want to be now. Imagine yourself stepping into the photo and take everything you would experience if you were there. 

Sinda Wood
Juicy Jaquar Card Deck- a 48-card deck - Turn your Urban Leopard into a Juicy Jaquar in one sacred second with the help of this card deck and the beautiful inspirational ideas. 

Brenda Elizabeth
Electric Lenormand and Halloween Lenormand- 36-card deck - Bright, simple images and words to spark your subconscious mind and awaken your intuition for easy and fun readings. 

Claudette Chenevert
Stepmom Collection - a 52-card deck - Get clear, set healthy limits and reach higher ground so you can live your white picket fence life. 

Erin Summ
Bold Confident You Unleashed - a 48-card deck - Flowers, Trees, Blossoms, Butterflies - all representing confidence, self love and worth.

Pat Fiorello
Inspired Beauty - a 48-card deck - Featuring original oil paintings, reflections and daily affirmations to uplift and energize your life. 

Alex Strauss
The Simple Path - a 52 card deck - 52 mindful walks for a strong body, a clear mind, and a joyful spirit

Pattie Dobrowski
The Renegade Life - a 48 card deck - Be a renegade at any age. Put on your cape to rise up, your shield to protect, your wand to change & your crown to rule. 

Marie Fratoni
Connect  & Prosper - a 48 card deck & Guidebook of 52 Ice Breakers - The perfect tool for personal growth, connecting with others and growing relationships. Powerful affirmations, actions steps, thoughtful questions and conversation starters.  

Patricia Bumpass
Hello Beautiful - a 42 card deck - Somewhere along the way to adulthood, we allow life to turn us away from our dream. Find the ability to rise up against past hurts and ascend to your highest potential. 

Becky Lundin
Everyday Enlightenment - a 48 card deck - "Today I am" statements to set a focus and cultivate mindfulness for your day.

Lou Bortone
52 Video Prompts - a 52 card deck - Never run out of ideas for your videos with these video content topics for creating interesting videos for your audience. 

Tina Asher
Ponder & Purse - a 52 card deck -  Ponder a bit, then pursue your dreams - icebreakers and conversations starters to get to know others along with understanding who are and why you do the things you do. 

Raven Monique
Eat the Pickle - a 50 card deck -  Be willing to experience the unexpected when you pull card and live into the spirit of the adventure you choose. 

Melissa Brown
Sparks - a 52 card deck - Spark full of great ideas for solopreneurs - create ideas for more content for your readers so you can impact more people and change the world. 

Brook Packard
Bedtime Love - a 42 card deck -  Because bedtime is the first, best habit, engage this card deck to draw on rituals - prayer, lullaby, sign language, story.

Angela Wills
First Life, Then Business - a 36 card deck - Create your lifestyle freedom deck includes lifestyle - business, mindset & money, self care & wellness - on a easy to carry with you key ring!

Rosie Battista
I am Power Connectors  - a 56- card deck -  prayer and affirmation cards evoking the power of I am to connect to the inner power that lies within you. 

Charles Fischer
Creative Thinker - a 50 card deck -  From simple individual writing and speaking prompts to complex collaborative tasks. Inspire yourself to think creatively. 

Lane Therell
Everyday Self Care - a 54 card deck - daily inspired self care with actions you can take to raise your spirits and improve your health. 

Kelly McCausey
Stretch Yourself - a 52 card deck - Stretch yourself in your content marketing activities - pick a card and lean in, asking what you want to do about it and keep stretching. 

Joanne Angel Barry Colon
The Chakra Numerology Cosmic Energy Forecast Card Deck - a 44 card deck - a vehicle for readings and a powerful modality to support the personal healing process. 

Rosie Battista
Self Love  - a 40 card deck - daily reminders and simple actions steps for improving self loving care, excellent nutrition and personal growth. 

Judy Ranieri
A Legacy in the Making  - a 52 card deck -  Discover Life Lessons & Family Stories 

Patricia Witherspooon
Kim Willish
Judy Ranieri
Lorraine Simone
Kathy Kinney & Cindy Ratzlaff
Lana Nelson
DeBorah Beatty
Dortha Haase

If you'd like to join this group of successful creative entrepreneurs and make your own card deck, you can do it too!

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