Card Deck Creator Interview Series: Step Mom Boundaries

Meet Claudette Chenevert.

Claudette is a Stepmom Coach and takes that role seriously. She is someone you can trust to think up ways to make life easier on you and those you care about most. That’s exactly what led her to create this card deck in the first place.

Claudette is all about building healthy boundaries to create a happy family. 

“Boundaries make us less tense, happier and more secure.”

They’re also one of the few things about stepfamily life we can control. Her Card Deck address issues that come up in every family, giving you a new idea to consider in how you approach the situation. The Card Deck makes it fun and easy to reach higher ground and take control over how your white picket fence dream plays out.

Oh and check out the white picket fence on the front of the cards – one of Claudette’s original water color paintings, representative of the perfect happy boundary – and making this card deck even more special and unique.   You might not have known that Claudette is a wonderful watercolor artist – and now you know!   

There are 52 cards in this beautiful and very useful card deck.  They’re so adorable and fit right in your hand for easy shuffling and carrying the card along with you. 

You can select a card at random.  See where the card takes you and apply those new insights in daily life. 

All 52 cards fall into one of six master categories, Yourself, Exes, Etc. and Tech, Gadgets & Stuff. You can also search for a card by category or use solo to spur a couple’s convo.

And how fun is this – you can have a Stepfamily meeting using these cards. Sort your deck into mini stacks by category, letting each person draw a card and lead the discussion. 

Some cards focus on you. Others focus on partnering up. A few suggest ways to get the kids involved. Either way, the goal is to consider, talk about and set limits that work well in your home. 

Get the cards here and find out more about Claudette and how she can help you with your step family. 

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  1. Rosie, I so appreciate all your expertise, insight and support in creating this card deck.
    I’m very proud of what I created with the help of your great program.
    I look forward in creating more card decks to help and support stepmoms all over the world.
    I’m very grateful for what you do and offer.