Card Deck Creator Interview Series: Bold Confident You

Meet Erin Summ.

Erin always wanted to help people but was extremely shy.  She didn’t believe in herself enough to put herself out there. Which is really funny to consider since she’s out there every day doing Facebook Lives, inspiring others with her funny tee shirts, silly sunglasses, funky hats and powerful message of boldness. 

As an international Confidence Coach, Erin created her Card Deck to build confidence, to help you past your fears, limiting beliefs and things that hold you back from loving yourself on that deep level. 

Trees, Flowers and Butterflies, Oh, My! 

Aren’t these just gorgeous! Just looking at them can make you feel happier. 

Trees represent deep roots of confidence, self love and worth. The deeper the roots, the higher the shoots and sweeter the fruits, meaning life gets better and more abundant the deeper your roots of confidence.

Flowers represent you blossoming into a more confident, self assured, authentic you.

Butterflies represent the transformation you go through on your confidence-building journey from cocoon, to chrystalis to butterfly. 

Erin’s goal is to help you see that you are worthy,  to see that you are enough, ultimately giving you the confidence to step outside your comfort zone. 

She knows that fun raises your vibration and helps you to feel instantly better. Her focus is on being uniquely you so you can put your own personality out into the world. Her cards offer affirmations along with empowering questions to contemplate and journal about.  And yes, she’s created a complimentary journal to go with the deck. 


When you’re ready to go to the next level, achieve your next goal,  you’ll want build that confidence. Confidence is about mindset. It’s about that belief, what you believe is possible, what you believe for yourself.

Unconditional self-love and worth
Believing in yourself 100%
Standing up for yourself
Going after what you want
Knowing the value and gifts you bring to the world
Taking bold action
Being Your authentic self 

Erin recommends you pull a card every day to get your momentum building.  There is a mini lesson or a power question you can journal about on each card with a glorious, bright nature photo on the front.  Erin’s made certain that you can write out your empowering questions in her gorgeous coordinating BOLD journal. And don’t forget that you can place your card of the day on your desk, look at it often and remind yourself of the daily inspiration. 

If you pick up the same card twice, don’t ignore the card. There’s a reason for that. It’s probably the universe sending you a message. 

Erin’s BOLD Transformational Card Deck & Journal COLLECTION is happy, bright and inspirational.  You can get the cards here and find out what other goodies Erin has for you too !  

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