Joys of Journaling

Journaling offers so much joy because it releases you from holding everything inside.

If I told you  journaling could could change your life… would you make a commitment to a practice?

It might feel scary at first to put your authentic thoughts to paper. I mean what if someone read your deepest darkest thoughts?  I remember as a teen, my Dad would give us a new dated journal every new year, where we could record our daily events. I was petrified of that thing so I kept it very simple, only listing things I did for the day. Heaven forbid, I would dare collect my innermost feelings and thoughts in a place where I could be discovered.

As I got older and more mature, my journals evolved with me. It became my best friend, my confidant, my healer, my voice. It was a safe place for me to process through lives ups and downs, to ask for guidance and to receive answers.  It was literally a life changer for me. I give credit to my journal practice for helping me clear my darkest issues.

Journaling helps you calm down and dig deep. When you take pen to paper something magical happens.  As we sit and write, we settle down, we calm down and we center in. Through our own words we find answers, a place to sort things out, clarity and focus.

The very act of free self reflection is a letting go that helps us feel less cluttered, less stuck, more clear, more centered. It opens up doors you never thought possible.

Have I convinced you yet?

Okay so here’s more. Health benefits include reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and strengthening your immune system.  As a spiritual tool, it deepens your spiritual connection, releases your creative flow, organically improves your writing style, frees up your self expression and opens up your throat chakra.

No matter where you are, the best way to start is actually anywhere that feels right. There are no rules and no one is judging your journal entrees. A consistent practice is the key to reaping the delicious benefits that journaling brings.

Buy yourself a beautiful notebook, make yourself a cup of tea, and look upon those empty pages as an opportunity. Free yourself from situations that weigh you down, circumstances that hold you back, questions you want answered, or anything on your mind.

Journaling is freedom from all those things you’ve been holding in side.

There are many forms and styles of journaling so you’re certain to find a style that fits you well.

Here are just a few of the many styles you can experience:

1) Wake Up Journal

I’ve noticed when I journal as soon as I wake up and I’m not fully awake that many great ideas get born. Before I’m involved and distracted from daily life things and my thoughts are free to flow, they come out without resistance.  This is a great time to let your creativity grow. 

2) Good Nite Dump Journal

I’ve noticed that a journal by my bedside aids in a peaceful nite sleep. You don’t want to clog up your sweet slumber with thoughts floating around in your head.  Before I retire for the night I dump all the things on my mind and all the things I’m worried about doing the next day.  Right there in my journal and out of my head so I can rest up.

3) Gratitude Journal

I’ve noticed that the more I am aware and take note of all the good that is in my life the more grateful I become and that’s always a good thing. Keep a designated Gratitude Book and jot down what you’re grateful for as a reminder.   

4) Question Answer Journal

I’ve noticed when I am bothered about something and need an answer, I can get it from my journal. I write the question on top of the page and in silence close my eyes and write what comes.  This is also a way to speak to your guides, your source, to God.  I trust the answer will flow into my pen and onto the paper and it always does.

5) Sacred Soul Journal

I’ve noticed that waking up in the wee early morning hours is a sacred time. While everything is still still, I sit up in the dark, not fully awake, grab pen to paper and just let it flow. This is a time when your ego hasn’t kicked in to involve itself in your writing.  What you get here is raw goodness and deep stuff.  It’s one of my favorite ways to clear things up and deepen my spiritual connection.

6) Specific Category Journal

You call it. Category journals are super fun and a great way to discover more about yourself. What do you want to compile all in one place, what do you want to notice, what do you want to explore, what do you want to create? Category Journals are perfect for that thing you want to focus on. Imagine a Creative Journal, an Idea Journal, an Inner Child Journal, a Nature Journal, Your Life Journey Journal, a Sketch Book Journal, a Prayer Journal, a Dream Journal, a Travel Journal.

Make journaling part of your life habits and watch the magic begin to happen for you!

P.S. If you’re ready to dig in and get going, come join me in a weekly “She Journals Club” 

P.S.S. If you’re really a journal lover like me, you might want to make your own. I teach you all you need to know in my Journal Creation Course. You can make them for yourself or for your clients/customers.

If you would like to start out with guided journals, check out my I Am Spiritual Journal and my Naked Truth Self Love Journal.

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  1. i do have a daily two-sentence journal that i often forget to write in 🙂 but it does help a lot.. and love all these options for journaling that you have provided

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