Card Deck Creator Interview Series: Electric Lenormand & Halloween Lenormand

Meet Brenda Elizabeth.

Brenda loves Lenormand Card Decks. As a psychic, she uses her cards as an energetic buffer and a means to help her clients.

Lenormand is a divination system, similar to the Tarot, but with only 36 cards – making it much easier to learn and more direct. The fun thing about Lenormand cards is that you can mix them with your other card decks, enhancing the reading and offering deeper insights. I love that!!! 

Lenormand is gaining popularity because it’s fun and easy to use. 

When Brenda started to study Lenormand, she saw that most decks had many detailed images on them and she wanted to do something with simple imagery. She wanted a deck that people could learn with. So she set out to create her version using large, easy to read images that are simple to process.   She created the Electric Lenormand using a hippie theme and the Halloween Lenormand using fun halloween imagery. 

Brenda demonstrates how intuitive it can be to decipher the meaning of the cards. The great thing about a Lenormand Deck is that you can use as few as 3 cards for a reading. As you advance in your practice, you can offer Grand Tableau Readings that uses every card in the deck.  

Giving a card reading helps hone your intuition, and Brenda’s cards, with the simplicity of the image and word, help permeate our subconscious. 

Of course with Halloween being one of Brenda’s most favorite holidays,  it’s not surprising that she created a special Halloween Deck. I just love how fun these are and I imagine hosting a Halloween party with Halloween Lenormand readings!  

Brenda shared that creating this Card Deck has changed her life, giving her newfound confidence, opening up avenues, and the opportunity to meet new friends. With determination and tenacity she marked her calendar every week holding herself accountable to save the time to work on this creative product – and she succeeded with these 2 lovely card decks – learning a lot about herself in the process. 

You can purchase these card decks and find out more about Brenda and the Lenormand practice at 

Brenda also works with her teacher Michelle Barry offering opportunity for people to learn Lenormand and do meaningful work. Together they offer  virtual meet ups where people join to practice their card reading skills and developing intuition. I can vouch for Brenda’s class that I was a part of last week.  It was so fun to learn about this divination system and the many ways to use these cards to help others. 

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