Card Deck Creator Interview Series: Moments to Harmony

Meet Charlotte Seefeldt.

A force of nature. On a mission to help you create harmony in however that shows up for you. She wanted to share beautiful pictures with people to bring calm into their life. She found that many of her clients, who can’t or won’t meditate, searching for something to calm them and center them in.  She wanted to create something that they could use to help them do this and reach a state of harmony. 

Charlotte used most of her own photos from her personal journeys and destinations. She also reached out to long term high school friends that she hadn’t seen in a while to include their special moments in her card deck. They were thrilled with the ask and donated their photo to be part of Charlotte’s Card Deck. 

Imagine yourself stepping into the photo and taking in everything you would experience if you were there in the moment. Tap into your body, taking the senses to breath, imagine, connect and release. Her goal is to have the reader connect into their body. 

Charlotte is a H.A.L.O and transformational coach.  She says that clients always want balance, but that balance is not possible. She says harmony is more attainable. There are places inside each of us that can bring out harmony and this can happen in moments. Charlotte says that everyone can find moments… and it is attainable. 

If you follow the steps in the back of the card it is easy to find your moment of harmony. 

Charlotte encourages us to breathe, imagine, connect and release – taking just a moment each day to bring harmony into it. 

You can purchase Moments to Harmony card deck here and find out more about Charlotte and what she has for you. 

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