Card Deck Creator Interview Series: Morning Glory

Meet Patricia Witherspoon Dyer.

Using flags, scarves and streamers, Patricia teaches how to use these things to give honor to God. She reminds us that dance is a language that everyone understands.

Patricia understands that words are her ministry…that she is a person of affirmations. This process of creating her card deck helped her recognize the power of words and how they can help others as well. Creating this deck of cards filled one of her desires and love of sharing her gift with others. 

With so much negativity going around us, there are times we need a glimmer of something to hold on to. Our first response is to think negative, but if we have something to hold – like these affirmations – we can refocus, calm down and get back on track. It’s in these moments that we change our mindset.

Patricia tells us that the creation of her cards helped her honor her own timing. She recognized that moving at her own pace is exactly what she needs and perfect for her. In the 9 months it took to create her card deck, she took her time to create a meaningful product. Likening herself to “slow and steady wins the race” she made the creation process work for her.  She’s proud that she remained thoughtful thru the process and really enjoyed her Card Creation experience. 

What I noticed about Patricia was her tenacity to keep going, even when she felt stuck. I loved her passion for what she had to share and as you’ll see in the interview she’s a magnet of energy and passion.  

Patrica’s Morning Glory Cards are Christian based affirmations. With 30 cards –  for pulling one everyday –  they become an anchor for the day, something to fall back on, something to think about and a way to set an intention. Starting your day with word – your Morning Glory- allows you to start in a powerful way. 

Watch the video to see what card Patrica pulls for me and what it means. 

I asked Patricia how she chose the words for her cards since they were so interesting and powerful. She looked for words that brought light and words that were special to her. “Today is a Gift from God” is one of her favorites.  I personally love “I am Well-Able” as it spoke when I shuffled thru her deck. These cards seriously make you feel sooooo good…. as you connect with God. 

Patricia draws in these words during her daily life to help her center and pull yourself back into light. They are so simple, yet so profound and will make your morning glorious.

She wants you to know that renewing your mind takes you from dark to light. She keeps it simple. Use these cards to refute negative thoughts that come to you by replacing it with the word of God. These cards will help renew your mind thought the day so you can function with peace. Having recovered from a health scare, Patricia realized the importance of realizing that some things aren’t as important as you think. 

There are multiple ways to use the deck. You can even pull 2 at time and combine them as you contemplate on them for the whole week!  The ideas are endless and the results are powerfully glorious. 

Patricia leaves us with the idea that “your dreams are on the other side of your fear” and invites you to use affirmations in your life. This handy dandy Card Deck will be your catalyst to making the positive changes that are available to you. 

Patricia has a “coming soon” Flag Course”,  a master class from “Warfare: to Worship” and her long awaited Worship Weekend.. which sounds ahhhmazing!!

Contact Patrica to get this wonderful Card Deck and details about her other offers and courses. 

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