Card Deck Creators Tell Their Stories

We all love stories. Listening to others tell their story is how we get to know them.

That’s why I love interviewing my Card Deck Creation Course Graduates (those who have gone thru my course and come out the other side with a gorgeous card deck that shares their with message with their audience and creates a passive income stream for them).

This is the way I get to know more about my card deck creators, what inspired them to create their card deck, how they view the creation process, and what gift they are sharing with the world.

They have taken their golden nuggets of genius, narrowed it down to digestible bites and build a tool that serves their audience and grows their businesses.

Marian Egan shares her Wisdom, Insight and Foresight and will have you vibrating higher with Healing Card Deck. Using numerical sequences that active specific frequencies enable you to achieve what you desire.

Patricia Witherspoon Dyershares her “Morning Glory” inspiration with us. Showing you how to enrich your life through the power of God’s word. 

Kim Wilkish
shares “Becoming & Being A Leader”. With this card deck and guidebook she wants you to know that you are the foundation upon which your leadership is cultivated and expressed. 

Judy Ranieri
will help you leave your legacy. There’s no need to stress and you’ll have loads of fun pulling a card and answering the questions.  

Brenda Elizabeth’s
Lemormand Card Decks are the perfect divination tool for getting guidance. You’ll love how easy it is to learn to use this tool with the simple graphics that tell you a story.

Charlotte Seefeldt’s 


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