Card Deck Creator Interview Series: Active Your Chakra’s

Meet Steph Zito.

As an intuitive, Steph was an avid user of cards for her life and business. 

When she knew the time was right for her to make her own card deck, she set out to create her own.  

Steph helps women who want to find their inner spark and bring who they really are into the world. Working with energy centers, the chakras, she sees wonderful transformations as clients clear their chakra blocks. Her card deck is for that creative woman who is inspired and looking for direction and focus.

Steph explains that our brains are very easy to rewire. You can pull a card, journal or meditate on it or simply place it on your desk to remind yourself throughout the day. 

Intuitively we will pick the cards meant for us. During our interview, Steph chose the affirmation card “I am love”.

When working with her cards, Steph says you can use all of your “asks”, or all of the same cards of each chakra category depending on which chakra you’d like to activate at the time. 

These are gorgeous colored high vibing magical cards that are fun to use.

She reminds us when we get roadblocks, it’s usually a Universal nudge to help us shift direction. 

“Activate” is Steph’s membership program that meets weekly. 

She also works one on one with women to bring their gift into the world.

Steph leaves us with her wisdom encouraging you to see your beautiful inner spark and go for it. Flow wants to be with us. Trust and surrender to it and let your spark be seen. 


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