Card Deck Creator Interview Series: Wisdom, Insight & Foresight

Meet Marian Egan.

Marian paints what she is feeling from her subconscious.  She uses her hands so she never knows what’s going to come out. After the images come thru, she’ll use the brush to bring out the fine details. 

During one of her meditations, she was inspired to do a deck of cards. She followed her inspiration and asked a friend who connected her with me. 

Her paintings are just amazing as you can see!  All 52 cards are made from her original paintings.  And you’ll love the magic that happened in this interview, where I selected the card she was thinking of before she even told me!

Marian’s Card Deck is a healing deck and she’s added  frequency numbers. When you choose a card, you can choose to use the frequency number to install that into message your body.  It allows you to have the outcome you want for that day. 

Marian recommends you use the frequency number for a week to experience what you need.  

Marian tells me how quickly the Card creation process flowed from the moment she had her inspiration. With her paintings and her frequency numbers all ready to go, her inspiration led to the dedication and the motivation to bring it to completion. 

The thing I noticed most about Marian was her tenacity. She kept going and was determined to get her babies into production.  She originally designed the deck for several family members who were struggling with health issues but now that she’s been able to bring this gorgeous card deck to fruition, she’s ready to share it with the world. 

Watch what Marian tells us about inspiration! And the reading she does for me was perfect. I highly recommend contacting Marian for a reading for yourself. 

Marian reminds us how much we learn when we step thru our comfort zone. She tells us that it’s okay to ask for help because we all need it.

Reach out to Marian at to find out more about her, her gorgeous dard deck the special readings she offers. 



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