Card Deck Creator Interview Series: Behind the Mask

Meet Dorene Hauff.

Dorene explains that we all enter this world with a face of innocence. As we develop our individuality over time, we quickly learn that expectations lead us to find a mask to hide under. These masks of fear, frustration, trauma, pain, depression and isolation are used to cover, internalize or deal with. 

Dorene was walking on the beach one day and along the way saw many masks in the sand, prompting a further conversation with her friend. The topic front and center, the masks, the pandemic and how it affects us. 

As the pandemic life fades and we abandon restrictions, Dorene invites us to join together to reconstruct our new reality. One that embraces the lessons and insights we’ve learned in order to support our one humanity.

  1. Focus on things that matter
  2. Reach out to help others
  3. Support for justice and equity
  4. Notice with gratitude the beauty around us
  5. Truly listen to others for understanding
  6. Respect humanity as we all inhabit this earth

Dorene and her partner Sandra Volfi created this “Behind the Mask” Card Deck to assist in validating our collective journey through the pandemic, leading us to healing and emotional well-being with our final goal of rebuilding and restructuring our personal and social environments. 

These cards are for inspiration and Dorene explains that they are great for teachers and counselors who are working with family and children’s issues. They are a great tool for helping wade thru getting back to whatever we call “normal”. 

Dorene has multiple ways that she helps you using Reiki Energy Balance, Chakra Cleaning & Harmonizing, DNA Synchronizing Fusion, Soul Realignments & Synthesis, Emotional Balancing and Psych K.

You can purchase these cards on Amazon here.

You can purchase “Wise Woman Around the World” here. 


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