Card Deck Creator Interview Series: Tips for Writing a Powerful Book

Meet Pat Iyer.

She helps entrepreneurs built authority and credibility and open up new opportunities through writing their books.  

If you’ve ever written a book, are in the process or contemplating the idea, you know how much effort it takes to get it going. You’ll also realize that there are points in the process that you may feel stuck.  

Thats why Pat created these cards. They support you in conquering obstacles, focusing on your book, the writing process, the benefits of being published and inspiration. With all of these goodies, there’s bound to be some tips for you to continue on your writing process with ease.  Pat gives us really cool tips and I guarantee you’re gonna hear something in this interview that will light a fire under you to get writing! 

I was totally impressed with the beauty of the photographs that Pat used on her cards. All taken from her backyard – especially her cute little deer.  In her hometown, Pat says there are more deer than people :-). These dear take over her property with great impunity. She’s gotten to know them though  and especially one female with twins that always  comes out to introduce her new babies to the family in the house. 🙂

How sweet is that!  

Pat has written 49 books ! Wow! It’s no wonder she can provide tips on how to write your book.  

She’d been thinking about making a card deck for some time.  Because some people like to read, some like to listen, some like to watch, she thought this would be a great idea to reach people that prefer something different.  

This card deck is geared to people interesting in writing a book.  Pat shares a fascinating statistic that 81 % of people think there is a book inside them. Only 1 % actually take action because they doubt themselves and they think no one will be interested in what they have to say. 


Pat says her card deck helps address this problem and the barriers that are keeping you from writing. They give you the inspiration that you need to get it going.  Even Stephen King doubts himself, so you’re not alone with the writing challenges. 

What an interesing discussion to find out all the ways we hold back from sharing our stories and gifts. 

As Pat reminds us in her interview, reach out for help when you need it and she’s here to help. If you’ve got a book in you, and I’m sure you do, Pat is ready to help build your authority and credibility and open new opportunities for you through writing your book. 

If you’d like to find out more about Pat, check out her website at 


Let's create, have fun and share your gifts with the world!

P.S. YES! You can make your own Card Deck

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