Card Deck Creator Interview Series: Relax, Listen & Trust Your Inner Guidance

Meet Barbara Faison.

A truly determined woman. 

Her presence is incredibly calming. Her intention is clear. She wants you to relax, listen and trust your inner guidance. 

Barbara had been threatening to make her own cards for years and had all the limiting beliefs that confront us when we’re inspired by a big idea pop up for her.

She’d been using every else’s cards, and there was a moment that appeared as the perfect time to make her own. She attended my Card Deck Webinar and went full on from there. 

Barbara is the perfect example of a focused person. I noticed her presence on the webinar immediately. And I knew she was going to be one of those successful creators.

Barbara and I both agree that you can do anything you set your mind on. I was super impressed and inspired by the way she showed up and loved on her project with the ultimate grace. 

“DO YOU ALWAYS TRUST YOURSELF?”, asks Barbara.  Unfortunately we don’t.  That’s the reason she brings this card deck to her audience, so you can practice the art of trusting yourself more. 

Her card deck acts as the guidance, reassurance and reminder to just be present. There are 4 categories in the deck representing relax, listen, trust and question. 

As you’ll see in the interview, there is something very magical about 

“I give myself a big hug”.

Card Decks are a magical tool. Barbara wanted to entice people who are not familiar with how to use guidance cards with a simple put powerful deck that would not be intimidating. 

The cards will give you a thought that will prompt your inner reflection. That’s how we grow and heal. During our interview, Barbara shares a reading with the following cards: 

I give myself a big hug.

I accept myself my life as it is right now.

The right people and resources… 

How can I be more kind to myself? 

This is such lovely reading that tells a story and takes us on a journey of some long needed self loving. 


Barbara was able to accomplish making a powerful card deck. Powerful in their simplicity as well as useful and practical. The creation process was really fun for her. She explains when we relax, we open ourselves up to whatever it is that we need. 

I love the images she chose for her card categories because they represent important things to her.  Like Mr. Giggles, her meditation mascot and the Great Blue Heron which was a sign from her mom.

Barbara leaves us with a great reminder, “You are the wise person in your life” and “done is perfect”.

You can purchase Barbara’s Card Deck here.

Let's create, have fun and share your gifts with the world!

P.S. YES! You can make your own Card Deck

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