Card Deck Creator Interview Series: Social Balance

Meet Yamilette Williams (aka: Dr Yam)

As the “Keep it Simple Coach, her goal is to take the complex and simplify it for you. 

Looking at social media presence and best practices, Dr. Yam set out to develop a social media balance system for the solo-preneur. 

In almost too good to be true fashion, Yamilette discovered she could make a hexagon shape which was perfect for coordinating with her brand and desired message for her Card Deck. 

When we open up to an idea, the Law of Attraction begins to work, allowing the right people and an abundance of opportunities to show up in your favor. Dr Yam learned that there are smarter people than herself, and that she could take an idea and expound on it more deeply than she ever thought.


These cards are the perfect tool for anyone who wants to create a plan to promote on social media. Using the categories of encourage, expert, entertain, educate, engage, and elicit, you’ll be certain to keep your posts unique and different as well as interesting and fun. 

Yamilette has taken it to a new level by creating her Social Balance platform where you can manage all of your posts.  The platform and the card deck work geniusly together making everything super simple for you to get your posts done. 

The creation process of making this card deck helped Dr. Yam take her creativity to another level. She was able to think about how to be more effective in helping people solve their problem. She found herself inspired to push thru and think out all of the pieces of the puzzle. 

Lucky for us… we now have this wonderful Social Balance Card Deck. I’ve been using it every week to and love how it inspires me! 

P.S. YES! You can make your own Card Deck

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