Clear Your Mind to Make Money

I spent many years in struggle mode. I remember being quite insulted when my coach told me I was addicted to struggle. WHAT!! I insisted she was wrong, because, you know, why would any sane person choose to struggle?

But she was correct. I was addicted to struggle. It was so comfortable for me that I had no idea there was even another way. 

It was all in my mind! 

Why talk about money?

Because you deserve to be rewarded for your gifts.  

Your money story is holding you back. We all have one, and it's not always pretty.

Our thoughts and feelings were created from our upbringing, our parents, our  family members, our friends, our religion, our community.  It's like a cozy blanket, and so familiar that we're invested in holding it near and dear. Even when it's a story that keeps us struggling.

Our story is intertwined with our feelings of our worth and desirability.

It's not easy to let go and give up our old story. It takes a switch in consciousness. 

But I promise it is possible to have a healthy relationship with money.  Awareness is the first step. Once you recognize that you're living in a story, you can rewrite a better one - where you will start to believe and to receive.

The gold lies in you remembering who you truly are. Then you can begin to recognize your worth and divine right to be prosperous and abundant. 

Here are my favorite money books. 

They are in no particular order of favorite. I've taken a piece of each to build a better relationship for myself, including forgiving those that helped me create my story and forgiving myself for believing I was only worthy of struggle.

Let me know which one is your favorite(s). 

One of my favorite classics. One year for Christmas, I gave a leather bound copy to each of my children. That is how valuable this book is. 

Catherine Ponder has a wonderful calming way of explaining a soul-satisfying process of growth that contains unlimited and eternal benefits into which you can evolve into.

Joseph Murphy has changed the lives of many through his work. You'll be inspired as you train your mind to get what you want instead of doing what isn't working for you.

I love this woman and the way she can take you from lack thinking into prosperous thinking. There are prayers and affirmations to help you focus on different areas of prosperity. 

Refreshing little reminder that it's not the economy or your mother... it's you and your consciousness.  You have the power to change it all. 

Shakti shows us how money can be used to identify where we need more balance in our lives, freeing us to pursue fulfilling relationships and personal satisfaction.

A really fun and effect little book that you can do to ground you when you feel yourself straying from the truth. 

I answered every question and really dug deep into this one. Nancy Levin takes you on a worthy journey that is worthy of your time and commitment to healing your money story and boosting your self worth. 

A great reminder that we have the power and the means to create a prosperous life. 

I love this Abraham Hicks Card Deck. Each card is a reminder and opportunity to shift your mindset about money.  

A little gem of a guidebook. For taking 3 simple words and beginning the spiritual practice of being prosperous. 

Stuart Wilde shows us that money is a form of energy and the difference between having it or not is a small subtle shift in consciousness. 

I've got a little gift for you. Printout and save these cards for some quick mindset shifting. Repeat daily over a 30 day period of time.  

Watch the magic happen! 

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