Card Deck Creator Interview Series: Summit to your Success

Meet Dortha Hise.

Creating a Card Deck was always something she wanted to do. 

As a Virtual Assistant she wasn’t sure exactly what it would look like. 

On one of her hiking trips, (she’s a seasoned backpacker) she had the big idea. 

Each card is blessed with photos from her beautiful hikes.

Her cards help those that don't feel quite so woo-woo to embrace nature and what start out with powerful intentions. They are a great intro into the world of self love and self care. 

You can keep these cards by your computer, or clip near your screen as a daily reminder throughout the day. 

Dortha says as women, we try to get bigger plates... to pile all this stuff on.  Hahaha, do you know anyone like this? 

Dortha has 2 other decks as well, all focused on finding and being motivated. Pulling the cards together brought up fond memories of each of her trips. 

As a person of service, she wanted to make an impact in people lives, getting them out and moving and inspired forward. 

Dortha learned that she actually is a content creator. Before creating this card deck, she didn't consider herself that. It was a process of keeping things simple in her communication style but also realized how much of an impact her mantras had on other people. 

This is one of Dortha's favorite cards. The action reminder on the back is to create a schedule today that will help you accomplish your goals and remember to be realistic. 

"Absolutely worth it" is one of my favorite cards.  While it will not be easy, it will be absolutely worth it.  Remind yourself that it will be worth it.  Write down what you are working on and keep it in the forefront of your mind. 

You can find Dortha's Cards here.  

P.S. YES! You can make your own Card Deck

P.P.S. Be inspired by other Card Deck Creators and check out their success stories and gorgeous card decks.

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