Card Deck Creator Interview Series: Cosmic Laws


When I received this Card Deck in the mail, I was blown away by the many little details. The blue bag includes a sun, moon and star charm, a shell with sage, crystal and beeswax candle. 

Lorraine was a former elementary school teacher who used flashcards to teach. Someone in her Cosmic Course suggested that flashcards would make the process of studying Cosmic Law so much easier.

These cards are for good for everyone because the laws affect everyone. Cosmic Law is with us 24/7, from before we're born until after we return. The more we understand them, the more we can open and connect to them and bring them into our lives. These laws will help us simplify our lives. 

Lorraine created her cards with three very colorful images at the top of the card. Whether you are astute in the esoteric or whether you're just curious, these cards will speak to you on many different levels.

Her favorite images came from her three year old grand niece. An outdoors kind of girl, she likes light and the sun.  Not surprising the images on manifestation card are her favorite because they're fun, active and joyous. Manifesting should be a joyous process. 

Lorraine has put so much love into her card deck and created a whole process /ritual. It's just a beautiful product.

She reminds us that the gift of life is the only one we have that we remember. These cosmic laws and the process of creation and getting closer to ourselves in a more beautiful way is our gift to the next generation, as well as our own family and friends.

One of the cards that brings up conversation is the discipline card, because many of us, have a preconceived notion of what discipline means. Discipline is actually a gift you give to yourself.

Discipline is a specific action that over time produces a desired result. By bridging current reality with countless future possibilities, discipline exposes the soul to greater degrees of expansion than most any other action we can take to embody this law. You can cultivate discipline to better know yourself, expand your consciousness, and transform your life and love and joy to share with others.

P.S. YES! You can make your own Card Deck

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