Card Deck Creator Interview Series: Colorisity

Meet DeBorah Beatty.

She’s the most color-filled woman I know. Color is her thing. It’s her game. It’s what she uses to help you transform. 

When DeBorah started thinking about making a Card Deck, she had no idea what she was going to do. One of the parts of her signature program is working with color energy.  She experienced a major download as all came into place – working with a system of nine color rays, and the attribute of each ray. 

There are two things going on here. The colors are really important and so are the avatars. The Card Deck comes along with a booklet to explain what the colors and avatars mean. 

These cards work like oracle cards. Deborah does readings for people. They can ask a question or not ask a question, and she is able to tell you about your past, present and future with the help of the cards. 

DeBorah is turning 70 and letting nothing stop her. She has a long history of starting businesses and making them work. She says she's worked in every field from Agribusiness to Zen Studio Design.

When she took my Card Deck Creation Course,  a light went on for her.  Creating this Card Deck has opened up many doors. She's now doing Coloricity Natal Charts, readings at metaphysical shows, selling card decks at the shows and in the local stores.
DeBorah is excited to expand even further and  open up a brand new program. "Disconnect Your Oughta-pilot".

P.S. YES! You can make your own Card Deck

P.P.S. Be inspired by other Card Deck Creators and check out their success stories and gorgeous card decks.

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