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If you had asked me last year, I would have told you I saw no reason to take a gorgeous card deck and make it digital.But along came “Deckible” and I did a complete 180.Why did Deckible grab me?Firstly I love the passion of it’s creator and founder, Nick Kellet.  I loved the idea that it was a collaboration of artists who were passionate about Card Decks and who’s work would live on one platform, easily accessible and affordable to the world.If you’re thinking that Deckible will take over the print world, you’re wrong.  Deckible is an enhancer, the same way Audible is an enhancer to the books on your shelf.  Nothing can take the place of holding a book in your hand and nothing will take the place of shuffling the cards in your hand. And there is a place for both.Deckible delights not just the Card Deck lover but those who are new to the game and want to check a few out.  It’s brilliant for coaching decks, games and oracle readings.

Some of its other delights allow you to shuffle, share, sort the cards with your fingers. If you’re sitting on the train bored, you can pull out a deck or two or three and get your intuitive guidance from a plethora of categories.  You’d be wrong again if you think there is only oracle and tarot cards to shuffle about. I promise there’s something there for you in just about every genre you can think of. The beauty of Deckible is that you already have your phone with you, so while traveling or in a pinch, your decks remain a click away.  Even more delightful is the journal component. 

Deckible also helps you journal your own notes and thoughts alongside the cards, which creates a way to use cards more proactively and over a longer period of time. What’s more, is it’s in your pocket, and not left at home on a shelf.

To me, Deckible seems like the Appsolutley Perfect next step for the card creator.  These are just some of the delights, there is much more coming as the the platform grows. 

Look at this gorgeous collection of Card Deck Creation Course graduates. I’m so impressed and proud of them – they saw the value of offering a digital version of their product. There’s a different strategy to creating a digital card deck and they were savvy enough to make the necessary adjustments to be accepted on the platform. 

It’s magical to see them all together! And my 3 card decks too! I’m in the middle of creating 2 more extraordinary decks that were inspired by Deckible and I’ can’t wait to share them with you in the next few months. 

Here is my “50 Ways to Use Your Card Deck” Card Deck, if you’re curious about the many ways a card deck can build your business, grow your community and support your clients while creating a lucrative income stream.  You can purchase the digital experience here. 

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More fun you can have with Deckible in this short video.

As the Queen of Card Decks, I’m all about the creation of cards that make a difference and serve a purpose in helping people learn, move and transform. The strategy for creating a printed deck and a digital deck are slightly different, and require a strategic plan. I love to help brainstorm the possibilities and the differences and how to make the best product ever no matter what printer or platform your share them on. Let’s talk about your card deck, what’s possible anyhow to create it!  Contact me at [email protected]

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