How Different Businesses Use Card Decks to Make Money

Spiritual/ Healers

When you think of a Card Deck you probably think of playing cards around the kitchen table with your family. Or maybe you think about Tarot, Oracle and Angel Cards which are awesome, and the most obvious and popular forms of Card Decks. 

But there is so much more to the spiritual healing world of Card Decks.  Here's a link to 25 Topics for Spiritual Entrepreneurs help get your creative juices flowing.

As a spiritual teacher or healer, you know that what you need is already inside you AND you also understand that clients may need a bridge to get that understanding. A Card Deck is that bridge that offers support, connection and guidance to the next step in their journey of whatever modality you are teaching.

Spiritual cards add a pathway to the healing journey. What I love about them is the reminder they give to sit still to reflect and remember.  They solve a problem for the client who struggles to escape from the busy drain of daily life. It allows them to receive the gift of silence and self discovery.

Although a card deck sounds simple by nature, as it’s only one small thing that a person is required to do with it. To pull and read one takes minimal time and effort and it’s fun. But the simple task of pulling one card a day delivers profound results to the psyche and mindset of the person holding it in their hand and tapping into the message of their heart.

Here are a few examples of Card Deck Creation Course Graduates who have done amazing work using their specific modality of healing to help others. 

Lorraine Simone tells us that when she faces a challenge, she puts one of these cosmic laws to work on solving it. She’s created a sacred tool, “Affirming Cosmic Laws of Creation” which consists not only of the card deck, but a pouch of goodies - a beeswax candle, star and moon charms, a leaf of sage and clear quartz crystal to support the ritual of deeply embodying the law and everything you need to perform a welcome ritual.

Learn more about Lorraine and this deck in her video interview.

Joanne Angel Barry Colon uses her Card Deck “Numerology Chakra Balance Cosmic Energy Forecast” daily to provide clarity and help her audience reset their energy and raise their vibration. You can find her on facebook pulling cards for your audience. She also teaches other healers to use her Card Deck to help others. So it’s a win win for everyone.  

Listen to my interview with Joanne to experience her reading. 

Steph Zito invites her audience to pull daily from her card deck “Activate your Chakras”. She says that your intuition will guide you divinely to the exact card needed in the moment to focus and align your energy.

Listen to my interview with Steph as she takes us through her cards and how she uses them with her clients. 

If you are a spiritual coach or healer who guides your client on the healing path, a Card Deck is definitely in your future if you’re ready to:

  • Serve from a higher level
  • Meet your client exactly where they are 
  • Stand out as the go-to expert in your field
  • Assist your client even when you’re not with them
  • Give your client something to hold on to with the opportunity to grow and discover themselves
  • Teach a specific modality
  • Inspire and encourage your audience to learn about your modality
  • Give yourself an opportunity to get out there on video talking about your speciality 

Authors/ Thought Leaders 

I often say that a card deck is your jelly to your book which is your peanut butter. Can you get a better combo?  The two together are more than yummy and there’s almost no one ever that doesn’t like that combo. That’s the same for a book/card deck combination set.  

Whether you have a book right now and want to enhance it, or have one only in your mind and want to jumpstart it.

A card deck is the answer. I’ve had students that have started with the book and created the card deck as an enhancement to a specific part of the book that they want to take to a different level of discovery. And I’ve had students that first create their card deck and move on to use that as the inspiration and outline for their book.

So where are you?  Do you have a book or are you contemplating one?

Either way it’s the perfect opportunity to grow your tool box of support for your clients so they have different options for absorbing your content.

Let’s look at Alex Strauss, who is all about the healing power for getting out in nature. Her book, The Mindful Walker, is about rediscovering the simple path to a healthier, happier, more peaceful life. In the book she references the benefits of mindful walking in nature - a practical guide to the proven benefits of walking in the outdoors.

Alex went on to create a card deck to enhance the value of her book by offering “The Simple Path” which is 52 cards giving 52 mindfull walks for a strong body, clear mind and joyful spirit.

She’s taken the actionable part and put it into a format that can easily support a person’s daily walking program and ritual.  Amazing combo together! 

Lana Nelson is another great example, as the author of “The Food Code”.  Her book is about intuitive eating for every body. The book features one chapter on muscle testing as one way to improve your intuition and tap into your Inner Knower. Lana created her card deck as a way to dig deeper into the modality of muscle testing.  Her Card Deck “Everyday Muscle Testing” enhances her book by offering the reader the opportunity to dive deeper into the subject of muscle testing and experience profound results. 

If you are an author or inspiring author who has a valuable message to share, a Card Deck is definitely in your future if you’re ready to:

  • Give your readers a deeper way to interact with your content
  • Create more engagement with action steps that achor in the information 
  • Offer an easy option for taking action
  • Stand out as the go-to expert in your field
  • Bundle your book and card deck for a no brainer purchase and increased value
  • Enhance an impactful part of your book that clients can act on
  • Teach a specific topic that will give extraordinar results to the user
  • Give yourself an opportunity to get out there on video talking about your speciality 

Speakers/ Teachers 

Speakers and teachers would love to leave a bit of themselves with their people. If you’re on a stage, there’s no better way than pointing to the back of the room and saying, meet me there and take a piece of this topic home with you to reflect after you’ve left the event.

A Card Create told me that he never realized what back of the room sales were like until he was mobbed at the back after his speech on stage 🙂 

In addition to selling from the back of the room is the value that you give to your students when you provide a useful and impactful tool for their transformation.  

Charles Fischer is a teacher of creative writing. His super fun and inspiring deck opens your imagination to new possibilities and stories in ways you may never have taken it. His Card Deck, "Creative Thinking" is one of the most intriguing and interesting decks as the pictures and images take you places to create!

Listen in to my interview with Charles and his card:

What does this bring up for you?  Where will you go with it?

Judy Ranieri teaches those in their wisdom years how to create their legacy. Her Card Deck, "A Legacy in the Making"  is a guide for answering questions about your life and what you want to leave behind for those you love. Judy has created a group program where she takes people through the process of creating their own Wisdom Box with the card as the generator for accessing the wisdom that wants to come out.

Listen in to how Judy talks about her program: 

Anja Sassenberg-DeGeorgia teaches financial health and empowerment to women. It’s her passion to help women become financial savvy, prosperous and free. Her card deck “Financial Femme Fatale”. Anja wants you to know that it is crucial that you first nature an empowered mindset.  Her primary purpose for her Card Deck is to help you embrace the attitude that financially empowered women have. Once your mindset becomes confident, you’ll find taking financial steps easier.   You can see why having a deck of cards as a tool for a daily practice of mindset shifting and anchoring of prosperity consciousness is a game changer for your clients!

She’s created a 7 day challenge around her card deck to get you used to the process of connecting daily with your money mindset. She sells her course and cards in her Etsy store. 

If you are a speaker or teacher who educates, inspires and empowers clients, a Card Deck is definitely in your future if you’re ready to:

  • Empower your clients, students and audience to take action
  • Create a useful and impact tool that exponentially takes clients to the next level
  • Offer actionable steps for education and expansion
  • Stand out as the go-to expert in your field
  • Support your client even when you’re not physically with them
  • Give clients and students a tool to work and play with 
  • Teach your specific subject on a deeper level 
  • Provide a consistent and ritualized system for learning
  • Inspire and encourage your audience to learn more about the concept you teach
  • Give yourself an opportunity to sell from the back of the stage and in your programs

Business Coaches - 

As a business coach there is a certain thing you want your clients to know. There is a certain message and system that only you can deliver in the way you deliver it.  That’s where your Card Deck comes in!  Your Card Deck is the platform that stands you out from the crowd of others doing similar things. YOU are the MASTER of your CRAFT and your UNIQUE SYSTEM is the solution to your clients problem.

So think about that thing that they come to you for. The answer to their problem.  The thing you want them to know mostly because it is THE thing that will move the needle for them.

These three Card Creators give you something that grows your business. I love the simplicity and impactfulness of each one of these decks. They all lead to an actionable step that will enhance the growth of your business.

Think about that person who owns a heartfelt business and seeks the help of a business coach to GET them to the next step…

Think about how a Card Deck can take them further with a tool that will help them focus on expanding in a certain area. Let’s look at a few Card Deck Course Graduate examples. 

Let’s look at Lou Bortone - the Video Guy who helps you GET your video presence rocking. How many times do you think about doing a video and then get stuck about what you’re going to say?  Lou’s Card Deck, "Video Content Cards", stop that situation dead in its tracks by giving you 50 video prompts.  This means you’ll never be stuck for content that is refreshing and different . Deleting those excuses puts you front and center of the camera and on video where you are seen and heard. 

Let’s look at Melissa Brown - she’s got content and she shows you how to GET your great content, impact more people and change the world. She invites you to shift our mindset while asking yourself what would content creation look like if it were easy.  Her “Sparks” Card Deck takes you through 3 spark categories, thought, inspire and educate, to motivate and inspire you to action. Having ideas right in front of you so you are leaving nothing on the table for your audience.

Listen in on Melissa’s interview talking about Sparks 

Let’s look at Lisa Condon-  she’s all about values and helps you GET clear on the values your business will lead from.  Knowing your values allows you to create the boundaries that are necessary to deliver the best service possible. She’s also got a Values Card Deck for you personally. Because technically you are your business - knowing your value will help you show up as the best version of yourself and a win win for everyone. 

If you are a business coach, who coaches clients to uplevel and expand, a Card Deck is definitely in your future if you’re ready to:

  • Empower your clients, students and audience to action
  • Offer actionable steps for following through with a system
  • Stand out as the expert
  • Support your client even when you’re not physically with them
  • Give your client a tool to work and play with 
  • Provide a system that anchors in your important curriculum
  • Create a consistent and ritualized system for learning
  • Inspire and encourage your audience to dig deeper into the concepts 
  • Enhance your course or coaching programs with a valuable tool

More Card Deck Inspiration and Ideas

These are just some of the examples to spark your genius flow. You can find more under

If you’d like to go a step further, download my free gift, “Over 250 Ideas for Your Card Deck”. As you read through this list, write down the ones that speak to you… and meditate on these ideas… until you find the one that lands for you.   

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