Why I created this lovely little card deck

What kind of experience do you want to have this Christmas season? 

That’s the question I asked when I decided to make this Christmas Card Deck. My answer was “I want to connect on a deeper level with my peeps”.

I thought about how each card would suggest a small but memorable thing to do with either your partner, your kids/grandkids and your friends/others. Most importantly I looked for the word that best described the feeling you’d long for during the holiday season.

Exuberant, joyful, jubilant, merry.   Delightful, wonderful, jolly,  adorned.   Dreamy, magical, blessed, notable.

The great thing is that you get to choose the experience you want to have. That’s because your experiences are based on how you show up, what you bring to the table, your attitude and your thinking. 

You could knock yourself out searching and shopping for the best gift to give your loved ones OR you can think outside the box.  I love giving experiences - because those never wear out or break -

I created this "12 Days of Christmas Connection Card Deck" to open your heart and mind to experience the magic of Christmas in a beautiful connective way.

This deck will allow you to look at small acts that deliver the best deal.  Most of these ideas cost next to nothing in 
terms of money - requiring only that you give your time and attention.  The great news is the residual effects of the experiential thought-filled gift lasts long beyond any material gift from a store.

There are 4 categories of connection- with Loved Ones - Partner, Kids/Grandkids, Friends/Others.

I want you to have this deck. So I made it a digital downloadable deck - it is my gift to you! And because it’s only 12 cards you can easily take them to a local print shop or Staples, and have them printed on card stock.  I did that at Staples for $22 and now I get to have it for many years to enjoy.

Card Decks are superb at reminding you to take actionable steps. I decided that if I was going to create this deck, I would engage in the action for myself and encourage you to do the same.  That's why it's my gift to you to thank your for being in my world and on this journey with me.

How do I use this deck with my partner?

There are 4 Partner Cards.

Because it’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind, taking things for granted and not leaving time for the special little things.  

I made me some homemade organic popcorn (sprinkled in with chocolate chips and raisins- YUM) and goldfish for my man (yes he loves those goldfish) and we cozied up to “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.

How do I use this deck with my kids/grands?

Here are 4 cards you can use this month to engage with your children or grandchildren.

At the moment I have 2 grand baby dolls that are at an age to appreciate drawing with Nana.  

Hudson and I drew a Christmas scene.

Giovanni and I drew a Christmas scene.  

Both boys loved the time and attention, but not more than I did! I can tell you that this special time was a gift back to me tenfold <3

Then for something WONDERFUL, I left a handwritten note for my daughter in her kitchen cabinet near her coffee mug, so she’d find it when she had her morning coffee.  My note says how proud I am of her and the wonderful job she is doing as a mama. xoxox.  

Once again,  I’m not sure who is happier - my daughter to receive the letter or myself for giving it. 

How do I use this deck with my friends/others?

Here are 4 cards you can use this week to engage with your friends and others.

I had this gift graced upon me in a grocery store while standing in line to pay for a few groceries. The man in front of me said to the cashier “ring her stuff up too”  and he smiled and waved my items forward.

It felt so amazing to receive this gift that I immediately swore to make it a “thing” where I would continuously pay kindness forward and surprise people in a like manner.

When creating this deck, I knew I had to include the idea of paying it forward or backward in the coffee shop line on one of the cards.  Again it seems like you are giving this gift to someone else, but it’s so much more. To witness the surprise and gratitude on the person’s face is the best gift you can ever receive!

That’s the glorious thing about this little card deck - you can take it thru the year with you…

So here’s the deal.

In honor of the season and my gratitude for you, I am gifting YOU a copy of my “12 Days of Christmas Connection” Card Deck for FREE. --.

Download the card deck here. 

You can print it on your home computer and cut it up. Or you can print it out at Staples and have them cut it up.

Be sure to tell them you’d like it double sided on thick card stock.  It will cost about $22 but you’ll have it available to
you every Christmas to take out and use over and over for many years of holiday connection! 

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