New Beginnings

The New Year   
Design It Your Way

For the Creative Entrepreneur 

As an Entrepreneur you don't have a boss telling you what to do. 


With that comes responsibility. 
You are the one that sets the boundaries, guidelines, and designs the roadmap for where you're going. 


You are not alone. Let's meet together and get clear for the New Year

$147 for 3 Hour Class 

From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

You'll get clear on your goals in the key areas of your business and create a 90-day plan. 

Stop floundering around doing the same old thing

This year you're choosing to do something different. With divine intention and focused attention, you will bring about the changes you desire. 

Take inspired action for 2022

You'll know what action to focus on to support your inspirations and what you want. 

Be clear on what you want and why

Getting clear for yourself allows the Universe to support you in bring the best to you. 

Have a roadmap to follow 

Writing things down in a certain way will aid you in keeping on the path. No shining objects will be able to distract you and pull you off. 

You'll experience the pleasure of a group and the power of community. 

This is a 3 Hour Interactive
Group Class


We meet 2 times on:

Monday, January 16 , 4pm ET - 6pm ET (2 hours)



Monday, January 23,  4pm ET- 5pm ET (1 hour)

Gorgeous Action Journal Included: 

You'll be sent action guide prior to our start so you

can print them out in preparation for  the class.

What Clients Say About My Classes! 


"I can't give enough compliments about Rosie's classes that I've attended. Rosie is authentic. She is unique and special and has great talent in many areas. I've learned so much about myself, nutrition, meditation and other self awareness practices.  I would recommend taking any classes Rosie offers. They are truly learning experiences. "

Evie Singer 

/ Philanthropist 


"I love all the classes I've take with Rosie. Her artistic and well thought out approaches gave me insight into the relationships I have with family, friends and colleagues. My favorite part was meeting like-minded women and creating life-long friendships. Always a fun experience." 

Ann Marie Bentzlin

/ Entrepreneur


"I found Rosie's classes to be inspiring. We used fun and creative exercises to uncover deeper issues. It was an environment that allowed me to work through some of my personal blockages along side a supportive group of women".

Kaitlyn Paliotti

/ Nutritionist

Hi, I'm ...
Rosie Battista

I'm a lifelong entrepreneur so I understand the value of support in moving towards desires and goals and how it takes support and community.  As a Creative Success Coach and Designer, I help clients design a life and business that works for them and brings them joy and happiness.

Psst! This is my Maggie Alabama- my 5 year old rescue girl

Together let's design your New Year - so that it works for YOU! 

© 2022, Rosie Battista