The Journey from Uncovering Your Voice & Sharing It

The Success Journey from Uncovering Your Unique Voice to Sharing it with the World

Obviously my Card Deck Creation Course will take you thru all the steps needed to create a magical card deck. However, after 4 years of teaching this course, I have discovered the real value of this experience and the magic it creates not only for my students, but also for their clients.

I am always deeply honored for the opportunity to meet creative spiritual entrepreneurs and watch them uncover their unique God-Given voice, put it into a product and share it with the world.

What are you sitting on?

The truth is we’re all guilty of this. Myself included. As an FYI, I’ve been writing my 2nd book, Naked After 50, for the last 8 years.  Let me rephrase the “writing” part to thinking about it in my head, jotting down a note here or there, and beating myself up over not getting it done. 

Sound familiar? 

Having brilliant ideas and letting things of life get in the way – the kids, the dogs, the weather, you name it. 

Or the stuff can be the thoughts in your head –  those thoughts that tell you you’re not that talented, or creative enough to create a card deck.  Or the thoughts that remind you that you never finish projects you start so why would this time be different.  

My student Lorrie, let me know just that. When she came into the course Lorrie told me right up front that she was nervous she may not finish as that’s what happened in the past.

Anja searched and got quotes from several artists as she told me right up front “I’m no artist”… however after receiving those images and not feeling thrilled by any of them, she decided to attempt the artwork on her own. 

AND bam, she created this gorgeous image, an original by her own hand, that graces her card deck. 

The truth is when you get up off your butt and away from your but’s, wonderful things happen.  

I am forever in awe of the personal growth that happens as well. I know this because I ask my Card Deck Creation Course students. I ask them, “what did you learn about yourself during this process?” and I’m always wowed by the answer.  It’s quite amazing to witness the power of someone who has dove deep into the creative process and worked through all of their stuff to do it. 

I think it’s now safe to say that when I look at a card deck, all I see is magic. Because I know the kind of passion and energy and love that went into the creation of it. Once infused with that, it’s bound to be magical. 

As Julia Cameron says in The Artist’s Way, “Creativity is a… spiritual experience. It does not matter which way you think of it: creativity leading to spirituality or spiritually leading to creativity.”

Here are a just a few examples of what happened when I asked the question “ what did you learn about yourself during the creation process?

Step 1 : Get Crystal Clear on These Important Questions

First, before anything else, we get really clear. 

There are 3 questions I take every creator through first in order to get clear on what they will deliver to their audience, what their deck will be about and why it would be wanted. 

Take a few minutes to address these power questions. Once you have your answers, sit with it and contemplate on them. 

Question number 1: What solution do you have for the people you serve?

For example, If you are a health care practitioner specializing in aromatherapy and one of the things you teach people is how to mix different oils for different seasons and situations – the solution may be to give them the recipes for these different scenarios. Or the solution may be to teach them about the different oils and what they do. 

Question number 2: What would you have loved someone to teach you 10 years ago? 

What do you know now that you would have loved someone to teach you 10 years ago? Think about the path you took on your journey, where you were before you figured it out and the wisdom and knowledge you now possess that could help someone else in your place.

Question number 3: How can you make things easier for your client? 

That is what we do as entrepreneurs – we make our client’s life easier. Think about how you do that?

For example, consider a personal trainer… they might make things easier with healthy recipes, or exercise they can do while traveling, or on their living room floor in front of the tv.  

Once you have these 3 questions answered, you would fill in your card deck statement.

The first line would be the “problem” and the second is the “solution”.

Now that you’ve gotten clear and identified your idea. You want to take it a step further and identify the impact it will have. Part of that impact is identifying the experience you intend for your clients. 

Step 2.  The Importance of a Grand Idea

One of the chief principles and the first module in my course for is accessing a grand idea. 

Because EVERYTHING starts with an idea.

With a grand idea, you are bringing magic, magnificence, impressive, supurb, awe-inspiring, splendor to the table. 

If you can imagine it, you can create it. 

Your idea is your card deck foundation, so it needs to be super strong.

Without a strong idea you’ll have a bunch of printed papers that may not make sense and not add the value you intended. 

Having a strong foundation is the key to creating a super successful and useful card deck so you can rest assured that your deck will continue to bring value, and enhance your client’s experience and growth.  You don’t have to worry about it going out of style. You know that your deck can work in many different ways. 

You begin with the end in mind by asking, “what do I want my audience to experience when they have my card deck in hand ?” 

Some people say that card decks are low content products because there is a limited amount of words on a page. I say, no way! Not the kind my students make. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

A card deck, because of its limited real estate, forces you to chunk down your valuable information into easily digestible nuggets.  So that your client will actually use them because of their ease and simplicity. 

Think about times when you’re busy and overwhelmed and the thought of picking up a book to read is just too much…. However, you could and would be capable of pulling a card and implementing the one simple step to move you forward. 

If you’d love to do further brainstorming and need a little guidance, you can access my micro course and follow the journey (case study) of 2 creators going through my unique brainstorming system, printout the guide and take yourself through the process. 


Success Steps to having a card deck in your hand and your clients hand as soon as you say “YES”.

The transformation comes with the transaction. Over and over I hear my students tell me that the second they hit purchase on the buy button for the Card Deck Creation Course, they had a cascade of Deck ideas flow into their head.

That is because the transaction is the transformation. 

It’s when you tell the Universe you are ready and she says, YES, and delivers divine inspiration to you.

The important thing is that I’ve made all the mistakes and mishaps so that you can avoid them.

If you want to peruse and see some fabulous success stories, these are people that have gone through the CDCC and following along step by step and come out the other side with a gorgeous card deck. 

See examples here of the different coaches that use cards decks
or if you prefer to watch success interview videos here. 

The Card Deck Creation Course is really an experience because I include a very special disclaimer. 


That’s because I give you everything you need to complete your card deck.

This is what the simple path looks like. And included in the path is a community, and live calls because I want you to complete your deck.
I’m not interested in selling courses to people who don’t really want it.

I am only interested and love working with creative spiritual entrepreneurs who LOVE it too…

I show up fully… and when you show up fully… BAM… that’s the magic  that equals a success team… and your card deck will get done.

We’re human. With the right guidance, accountability and support, we can accomplish any goal.
If there’s an idea you’ve been sitting on for far too long, or you’ve been stuffing down your face for far too long – I’m here for you. 

Meet Martin

Meet Lorrie

Meet Liz

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