Using Your Magic Elixir to Create

Here’s a card I pulled from my I am power Connectors Card Deck. The deck contains 56 cards to contemplate, connect, and commit to the awesome power inside of you and this is the one we’re focused on today. 

The “I Am Wisdom” Card.

The back of the cards reads:
“I trust that all I need is inside me now and that at any moment I can tap into knowing what is the next right step for me. I listen to my inner wisdom that speaks louder than the voices in my head.”

I love this card. It’s perfect. The thing about cards is that the one you pull is exactly the on you need to hear. The content for these cards was literally downloaded to me. If you’re wondering what “divinely downloaded” means, let’s say it’s when you step out of the way and let it come through without judging it, without thinking I needed to know something more. 

You are wisdom. The goal is to allow your wisdom to lead you in your service to others. 

I’ve had the experience of watching 100’s and 100’s of creators that have come thru my Card Deck Creation Course and I’ve seen them stand in their own way. They’d get stuck, or stop, based on the beliefs they had about their own creativity or past history with procrastination or unfinished projects.

When the clients commit to creating their own project, that others will hold in their hand, that has their name on it- the fear of not being enough loves to show up and cast fears and doubts.  

Because you’ve enrolled in a program where you will be the creator, you’re opened up to creation. But then that thing happens in our head. That thing where we start to say, “Well, maybe after all, I don’t really know enough, so maybe I’m going to go get Oprah quotes or some famous person quotes and use those”.  

Nobody wants another Oprah from you.

I don’t. 

Your people don’t. 

What’s true is that your people want to hear you. 

So how do you allow your own magic to come through in your content without thinking that you’re not good enough or smart enough or creative enough? The good new is that cards are magical, and filled with so much energy, especially when infused with your own genius.

I have a special name for your unique process/ your original system – It called your “Magic Elixir”. 

What exactly is a Magic Elixir? 

It is the delicious blended recipe of the things that you’ve learned over your lifetime, all the experience you’ve had, the things that you’ve witnessed, the lessons you’ve learned, the people that you’ve learned from all – all absorbed together into the recipe that creates your Magic Elixir. 

Think of making a delicious shake in the blender. You put all of your ingredients stuff in the blender, you blend it up, you pour it out. Now, if I you went to make a blueberry shake and we were both given the same ingredients to put into it, we would choose different amounts of everything and the shake would taste uniquely differently. 

Your Magic Elixir is all of your unique life experiences. 

I recently did a journaling exercise where I listed all of the people that made an impact on my life, all of the authors, trainers and teachers that made a big impact. This allowed me the awareness and opportunity to give gratitude to people like James Holliwell, Joseph Allen, Neville Goddard, Napoleon Hill, Emmett Fox, Wayne Dyer, Michael Beckwith, (and many more).   All of these people called to me and their teachings called to me.

Who were the people in your life that added value, and invited you to step to the next level? This is a great exercise, if you choose to accept the invitation to do it for yourself!  (*hint *hint)

These people are very similar in what they teach, but they each teach in their own unique way, which allows me to put it altogether thru my filter system. I absorbed all of the information given, took it into myself, added to my personal experiences and knowledge and innate wisdom, mixed it all together – and that’s it!  I get my magic…

I came upon this quote that I really loved that puts it all into context:

When you take stuff from one person, from one writer, it’s plagiarism. But when you take from many, it’s called research. You can call it research” ~ Wilson Mister

I’ve studied these particular people because their message called to me, they resonated with my soul, so that now I am able to pull it altogether and create my magic to share with others. 

People will study with you because they resonate with what you are saying and you are calling on their soul. 

When you pour your magic into a product, you have a product that you love, that you know is going to help your client transform and take them from where they are to where they’re desiring to be in the most magical, simple, impactful way. In a away that is also fun.

When something’s fun, people are going to use it. When new creators enroll in my Card Deck Creation Course Program, in response to their concerns about being talented or good enough, I encourage them to go deep inside themselves and search for that inner wisdom and that inner knowing. That’s the gift that you have. You get to take your gift and infuse it into a product and whatever content you’re creating.

For example, my I Am Card Deck, is written in my way, in the way that I see it, in the way that I understand. through the prayers and the mantras that I included on the back of the cards.  They are totally unique to me, along with the the way that I combine my journal to go with my card deck. Continuing into the questions that I ask and journal prompts in the journal – these remain unique to me and support the transformation that I would love my audience to experience and that my clients love having.

I hope you are now excited to think about your content and your product in a different way. 

The great news is that you no longer have to worry about the legal jargon or the very gray areas of plagiarism, questioning who’s quotes can you use and who’s quotes can’t you use. I’m always disappointed if I get a book from an author or from an entrepreneur that has other people’s quotes in it. Yes, they’re great to reference, but what does that quote mean to you? How do you personally see it? What is your experience with it? 

Hearing your angle, is what I want. 

More importantly it’s what your clients want. 

Most importantly it’s where your magic lies, it’s where miracles are made and where you become the catalyst for change and growth for both your clients and for yourself. 

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