About Rosie

Hello Gorgeous One!

I've got to share with you that things weren't always so light.

Life was hard and I was always in struggle mode. Whether it was my weight, food, money or relationships, everything felt so so hard.  It was this way for much of my life. Until one day something clicked, and I stepped onto a path of no return.  

I've created a Treasure Chest of "Self Love You-tensils and Spiritual Essentials" to help me move forward every day, to practice daily self reflection and self discovery, to embrace personal responsibility and open my heart to love and forgiveness. 

Using my practical tools, I've created a series of classes, workshops and courses to help you move from wherever you are to where you want to be.

I'm here to share this Treasure Chest with you and help you remember who you truly are, to embrace your Divinity and show up for your life as the woman you were meant to be. 

You're here for a reason. You've been waiting for this moment.

I sure hope you'll join me in some of my classes, workshops and courses!!


Listen to Pam Hamilton and I discuss how to make yourself more visible in her Business Profit Equation Virtual Summit

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Listen to Kelly McCausey and I discuss the writing of Getting Past Your Sh*t - the collaborative book of the resilience that lies within us all.

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Listen Kelly McCausey and I discuss Card Decks and how they help you share your message, help your client, and bring in exra money.

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Listen to Tisha Lee and I discuss healthy boundaries and mastering the art of self love 

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Listen to Pattie Farmer and I discuss Card Decks and how this physical product can help grow your business.

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Listen to Val Selby and I discuss the trials and tribulations and wonder of midlife - what we learned and how far we've come.  

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