Meet Rosie Battista

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I am not interested in why you can’t. I believe that you can. I believe that anything is possible, no matter what your age or stage.

I entered my first body building competition at age 50,
transforming my physical body and opening up a spiritual practice that has changed my life. Losing 38 pounds in 16 weeks and gaining back my confidence was the beginning. It was at this age and from this stage that I discovered that what I was searching for was already inside of me.

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I help woman feel better about themselves.
It is my passion and purpose to help you discover the amazing gorgeous woman you already are… Deep down you already know this… I am simply here to remind you of that.

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I filmed a video documentary of the struggles, challenges and triumphs of my physical transformation. I hope that you will be inspired to change for the better. To believe that you can discover the magnificence of who you are. Excellence in nutrition and extreme self love will change how you feel. It is not only your right but your obligation to take extraordinary care of your divine self.


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[accordion-item title=”The Turning Point”]

The turning point happened in my kitchen. But it wasn’t when I was cooking, eating or washing dishes.
What happened in the kitchen actually took place in my head and changed my life forever and for the better. Here’s how it went down.

There was a huge question looming in my head. Once I articulated my thought bubble out loud, it was a friend, who assisted in reminding me of the answer I already knew. I didn’t ask if I looked fat in my dress. I already knew that I did. I didn’t ask how the weather was. I already knew that as well. It was a bright sunny spring afternoon. What I did ask was a question about possibility.

Fear and Doubt (they are nasty cousins and their job is to wreak havoc on your thoughts) had taken over my head and my ability to think clearly on an issue I had been struggling with. Was it was POSSIBLE for me to pull off a dream that I had had for 20 years…? With the understanding, of course, that I was 2 months short of turning 50 years old, 35 pounds overweight, mother of 3 and still held the dream of being a figure (bodybuilding) competitor? SO I asked my question out loud. Was this thought and dream of mine even remotely possible?

His response opened the door for me to kick those cousins out once and for all.
The answer I heard in response was, “IF YOU THINK YOU CAN, THEN YOU CAN”.

SO at that very moment…the shift happened. It was a colossal switch in my mindset. I remembered that that was the very message I had taught my children. I had a choice. I could choose to (1) listen to the nasty cousins and other naysayers, the biggest one being myself, who told me that I was too old, hormonal, and menopausal. Those who said my body would never respond, that I should accept my body as is, that I looked good for my age, that all women have fat around their waists and that I would never be able to pull this off or lose the weight that I had struggled with for so long. OR… (2) I could decide that I was going to do it, no matter what.


[accordion-item title=”Decisions, decisions”]

I decided to do it.
I put my food down; nothing was going to stop me.
With this decision came the reality of beginning a process, a process of believing, letting go, trusting and relationship building. I found inner strength, fierce determination, persistence, challenge and love.


[accordion-item title=”The Pinging Issues”]

A big motivation for losing weight was waking up every morning with the pain of a closet filled with beautiful clothes that didn’t fit. Wearing the same outfit for over two years because nothing else fit did not bode well for this “wanna-be fashion designer/model”. Simply stated, I love clothes. But more than the clothes, my self esteem and confidence suffered. Non-existent may be the better term. Not feeling comfortable in your body does uncomfortable things to your head. Add to that the fact that I teach fitness and weight loss for a living and you’ve got the perfect storm for feeling like crap.

I came home that night and told my kids about what I wanted to do. Their response… “Mom, you’re always talking about how you want (ed) to do this… so MOM, if you want to do it; stop talking about it and just do it”. A simple, easy attitude adjustment reminder from the kids. “JUST DO IT ALREADY.” It seems like everyone was ready for me to do it, the question was…Was I ready. With a little nudge from my co-worker and kids, I finally was! (Let me interject a moment of gratitude as I appreciate that my kids did listen to me!)


[accordion-item title=”The ‘Weighty’ Story”]

Back up a few months to the previous November so I can give you the rest of the “weighty” story. This little interjection is crucial to understanding how weight loss actually works. Back in November I had what seemed like insurmountable pressure (I say WEIGHT) on me – the saga of having to sell my house in a bad housing market, a broken up committed relationship, a lost, messy floundering business, topped off with seemingly insurmountable life issues that were piled high and weighing heavily on my emotions and physicality. All of this toxicity evidenced itself in the most obvious symptom of a lifestyle gone awry and that was in my physical appearance and overweight uncomfortable body.

So there I was in November immersed in the weight of life, trying to diet and working out like a fiend with no results. I finally just gave up and wore those 2 tent dresses with different scarves to add a little pizzazz. I was almost resorted to the fact that I would be fat and frumpy for the rest of my life and have to get rid of my beloved collection of vintage and created clothing that would never fit me again.

But something in me was unsettled and it’s what I did next that made the difference and started my transformation process.

I became aware that I needed to make changes in my life instead of my diet, however painful and overwhelming they felt at that moment. So I muscled through. I expected that it would end at some point and I’d be through it. I accepted the best offer on my house, even at a loss (it was a bad market and not getting better), journaled my feelings about the breakup, reached out to friends for support and encouragement, had a huge garage sale and sold unused and unnecessary items that were cluttering my space, remained open to business opportunity and found a business with possibility that I could invest in that would fit the life I wanted to live. Wow… now that’s heavy stuff. Getting rid of the “heavy stuff” was the only way to lose the weight. Although the scale number never changed, this is where my weight loss started.

I am not going to pretend that any of this was easy. It was not. It was in fact one of the most difficult periods in my life. I kept in mind a quote I had read that “the only way out is through”. (I even posted it above my desk) I had to go through all of this mess to get to the good stuff and it was quite a learning process. Sometimes I would find myself on the floor, just sobbing. And sometimes all I could do was sit and breathe. But…

All of these steps brought me to the next step and moving further OUT as the quote reminded me.


[accordion-item title=”The Gain Begins”]

Here is where the magic began to unfold.

I simply took one day at a time. I focused on that one day only and did whatever I had to do on that day to move forward towards my goal. I did not think about the mountain of pounds or body fat that had to leave, or the amount of time I had to spend struggling through a workout, or the dinners out where I brought my own food or just drank water. I never took the time to doubt the end result. I had to learn to trust the process. Like a stairway, I took one step after the next to get to the top; sometimes I even did two steps at a time! Now that it is all said and done, looking back I realize it was a gradual approach.

On May 1, 2010, I took the first step and committed to the process by hiring a “competition coach” and taking my “before” picture and sending it to him. His initial response was, I think you may need more time, I can’t promise that you’ll be ready for the August show, why not wait till October. My response was unwavering, “NO! I will be competing in August that is my decision.”

Sending that picture was not a pretty episode for me. A 35 pound overweight woman in a bikini! I dreaded that like the plague. But I did it. Step 1 complete and the only option left was moving on to Step 2.

Step 2 was beginning the process of a meal plan that would tell me exactly what to eat and when. This competition diet changed routinely from week to week, depending on how my body was responding. I had to take pictures of my progress each week as I stepped up my game. My coach viewed my pictures, questioned how I was feeling and adjusted my meals accordingly. The once dreaded photo sessions, became an exciting event as my progress moved from internal progress to external ones.

Step 3 was about trust and letting go. I had to let go of the notion that I knew better or more than my coach and I had to trust him. That took some time and I fought him during much of the process until I finally surrendered.


[accordion-item title=”Food Matters”]

The point about the food is that I did follow a “competition friendly” meal plan, but one that was chock full of nutrient rich foods: avocado, yams, spinach, kale, asparagus, almonds, Thrive Performance Protein Powder, flax – and lean animal protein (of which I was not so fond). There were no processed foods, no sugar, no wheat, and no dairy.

The point is not so much what I ate during this 16 week transformation. The point is that I was able to stick to the plan. We all know food matters, but there is no one way (diet/meal plan) that works for everyone. There are hundreds and hundreds of ways to achieve the weight loss goal. I had tried so many times before, for 2 years and nothing worked or stuck.

What made this time different?
The answer to this question is the KEY TO MY SUCCESS.




[accordion-item title=”Success Secrets”]

If you are an unsuccessful at losing weight like I was for so long you might think about motivation and how you have none and you may think about will power and how you have none. There was simply one reason that I was able to accomplish my desired goal this time. I was only able to focus on and follow a meal/exercise plan because I had a lifestyle that was working. A lifestyle that was working FOR ME. Once I found what worked for me, the motivation and will power arrived later to keep me on track and propel me forward.



[accordion-item title=”You’re Amazing”]

In a figure competition, you are given 60 seconds of onstage time to strut your stuff to music and show your hard work. I agonized over a song for months as it had to have meaning and beat, until I heard this one. I knew that this was it.

This Bruno Mars song spoke to me. It’s called amazing and some of the words went like this…

“…she’s so beautiful… I tell her everyday.
…but she won’t believe me…
’cause when you smile, the whole world stops and stares…
You are amazing just the way you are! …”

(thank you Bruno Mars)

Gosh, sitting back now and thinking how much I have changed and transformed in these last 9 months is mind boggling to me and some of my closest friends. It all happened seemingly quickly. My dearest friend simply put it this way. She told me that I possessed strength beyond muscles. She was right. We all do. We all possess an inner strength that if we call to action it will respond and release a power and possibility so strong that we can do whatever we decide to focus on. But remember, you have to take steps and the first step is making sure your lifestyle is working to support the life you really want.

Many women contacted me after my show to congratulate me and tell how I was an inspiration to them. I hope so. Giving that gift to others and this song as a reminder are the sprinkles on top of the icing on top of the cake.



[accordion-item title=”The Reward”]

Standing on the stage next to my daughter, lighter, tighter and tanner was one of the most magical moments of my life. Having my son Mike come backstage after our posing sequence with tears of pride in his eyes was beyond anything I have experienced. I created a most magical moment and if I savor this experience and feeling, it will propel me and keep me moving forward in a position of strength. I am ready to take on whatever life offers and approach it with grace, dignity, confidence and a new lease on life.

Did I mention that the next thing in my bucket list is to get a tattoo? I unsuccessfully tried to stop my children from getting theirs. They seem to love them. So I will join in and get one too, just to check out what all this hoopla about tattooing is all about. What will it say?

You guessed it, STRENGTH.


[tabgroup title=”More about Rosie”]
[tab title=”Get Real”]Okay, so I am going to be real here because you may be thinking what the hell does she know. She’s just lucky. She’s got a perfect body.
You want to know why someone like me can understand someone like you.

For 37 years I “struggled”. It was my constant state of being.
I hated my body. Sometimes I wished I could step out of it. Most of the time, I did. I was unconscious responding to whatever life thru my way.
Relationships. Food.

I was food obsessed. A fat headed thinker. A disordered eater. A concoctor of the most bizarre foods with the least calories so I could eat lots of fake stuff that didn’t fill me up so I could stuff down what I didn’t want to feel. You could easily say I struggled with “me”. My weight went up and down and down and up depending on what life situation I was avoiding or stuck in.

One day it all fell in on me. Or rather pulled me so low, there was nothing to do but find a rope to grab. It seemed like one big black cloud converged into the perfect storm to propel enough energy to blow me away. Okay, so you want the list of disasters: a 2nd divorce, an empty nester with my last baby leaving, a financial mess, loss of my home, 40 pounds overweight, a failed business, a bad investment, an estranged family) I think you get the picture without my coloring it blood red.

The rope and the way out came in the form of a body building competition. Yup! So what that I was turning 50 years old, in menopause, 38 pounds and 16 weeks from the competition, mother of 3 adults. So what!

I made the decision to start somewhere and a physical transformation seemed to call me. That is the beginning and the end of the story.

I don’t focus on the past. I bless it and I am grateful for all of it because it brought me here.

I BELIEVE in the power of faith and thought. It is what I teach and share with you.

[tab title=”Believe”]The results of my transformation and my new way of living and being are shared on this website and in my products and offerings. I can show you how to get out of victimhood and struggle and turn the switch to confident and happy.

I went from unconsciously responding to things outside of me as the victim. I went from hating on my 2 ex-husbands to really loving the beautiful men they are. I went from not speaking to 3 sisters for 16 years to becoming their biggest cheerleader and confidant and they mine. It’s a beautiful thing. I went from stuffing down my feelings with fake calorie-restrictive food to salivating over the yummi-ness of pure and naked food. And I feel everything and if feels delicious.
So now you know why someone like me can understand someone like you.

I now live in a world that I consciously create from the inside. I promise it’s a much happier place to be. This is why I am so passionate about sharing what I learned with you.

Where ever you are, it can get awesome!

I believe that anything is possible if you believe it is. I believe that you can change anything if you change the way you think. And when you change the way you think, you change the way you eat and treat yourself. I believe in styling your food and your thoughts to create the life that supports the best version of you.

That’s what I do and you are why I do it.
[tab title=”Fall in love”]

Losing weight and gaining self confidence

Losing weight and gaining self confidence is the foundation of my teachings. I am the real deal. I don’t ask you to do anything I haven’t done myself. I am passionate about beautiful natural whole foods and real about the transformations that can be attained by changing your diet and your relationship with food. My approach is simple, and the results are sustainable.

I offer private coaching, woman’s groups and fun cooking classes. I love to create recipes inspired by beautiful whole natural foods and put them together in easy, simplistic ways, so that anyone can follow them. Preparing ahead, experimenting and learning in the kitchen is what I encourage my clients to do. My kitchen skills and recipe ideas are prompted by my desire to eat health promoting foods and prepare them in simple, beautiful ways. I am armed with a bag full of tricks on how to transition to healthy eating and I accept no excuses from my clients.

Falling in love with my food, so that I make every meal count, falling in love with my body, so that I make it the best that it can be has helped me create a business that I love by sharing my discoveries with woman and helping them to fall in love as well.
Come fall in love with me.. WELL, not really with me, but you get the point.




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