Being a Rockstar

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These are the Rules of a Rockstar. Your commitment to a new way of being and showing up in the world. An amazing Love-you-tensil that will keep you focused on what you want.

Print it out, place it on your fridge. On your mirror. Carry it with you. Read it daily. Remember to act as if you already are what you and who you choose to be.

  1. A Rock Star does what it takes to be the best she can be.
  2. A Rock Star does NOT make up excuses for why she CAN’T.
  3. A Rock Star takes the next best step towards the direction of her dreams.
  4. A Rock Star believes only that she CAN.
  5. A Rock Star accepts challenges as a learning experience.
  6. A Rock Star is committed, dedicated and persistent.
  7. A Rock Star knows when she deviates from her plan, she can and will get back on track.
  8. A Rock Star is always learning, moving and shaking.
  9. A Rock Star knows that when she’s got health, she’s got personal power.
  10. A Rock Star shares her best self and good stuff with the world, every day in every way.
  11. A Rock Star knows that extreme self love is a gift she gives to those she loves.


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