Living the Principles

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Here are the 3 core Principles of the Sleeping Naked After 40 Life Style. A useful set of Love-you-tensils and guidelines for living and loving the lifestyle.

Print it out, place it on your mirror and practice daily.

1. Lose The Fake Stuff And Get RealGet your body in the game.

You only get one body.  It’s not just your right, but your obligation to take care of it. The food you eat directly affects the thoughts you think and the thoughts you think are affected by the food you eat. If you eat processed fake food, it will show up on your body. When you eat pure and naked food the body of your dreams shows up.

2. Become Less Interested In Why You Can’tGet your head in the game.

With belief and faith, you can do, be or have anything you want. Make a decision and act as if. Lose the excuses that tell you why you can’t and erase and replace those old concepts with new opportunity.  Make every meal an opportunity to improve your health. Make every workout an opportunity to feel better. Make every moment an opportunity to be your best.

3. Fall in Love With the IdeaGet your heart in the game.

When you are in love, everything flows with grace and ease and life becomes magical.  Fall in love with the idea of building the healthiest, sexiest, best version of yourself.  As you begin to treat yourself with excellent nutrition and extreme self love and care,the gorgeous amazing woman that you are emerges. She gets comfortable in her skin and confidence about her body as she lives and loves the lifestyle of Sleeping Naked After 40


 If you want to read more about these principles and how to incorporate them into your life, Sleeping Naked After 40: The Guidebook will deepen your practice.

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 To Lose the fake stuff and get real in the kitchen, Cooking Naked After 40: The Cookbook will give you ideas and recipes for divining into naked eating.

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